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Best Outdoor Activities in Toronto

Best Outdoor Activities in Toronto

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Toronto is the capital of Ontario province and is a major city of Canada. The city offers many tourist attractions with outdoor activities.

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Outdoor Activities in Toronto


Hiking is a great outdoor activity in Toronto. This is because of the many parks and trails that make it possible to hike. For example, High Park in Toronto has hiking trails and a free zoo. It also has historic buildings that are a great site. In addition, Rouge Park is great for hiking and camping too. Remember to get a reliable to make sure that you find your way around.


Skydiving is an awesome outdoor experience. In Toronto, skydiving is possible in the Skydive Wasaga Beach. There, you can skydive towards the largest freshwater lake. The speed of your flight will reach up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Edge walking

One of the best outdoor activities for thrill-seeking people is the edge walking at the CN Tower. You will be able to experience a hands-free highest external walk on a building on the CN Tower, which is breathtaking.


Toronto Island allows you to enjoy the most scenic bike rides. There are different bikes for all people on the Toronto Islands. Therefore, people can ride solo or in groups depending on what they prefer. One can also enjoy mountain biking on the blue mountain that has amazing downhill trails.

Kayaking and canoeing

Canoeing on a good day with great weather is one of the best outdoor activities to indulge in while in Toronto. It is a great workout and fun at the same time. You can enjoy canoeing to Toronto Island or go coasting down in the Humber River.


Not only is fishing a great outdoor activity, but it is also a way of getting some food. Fishing in Lake Ontario offers the best fishing experience. The lake is famous for having Chinook salmon fish and the rainbow fish, which will make your fishing experience very thrilling and exciting.


Paddle-boarding enables you to get on the open water and be able to soak it all in. Hopping on the paddle gives you a great way to enjoy the water waves and relax either after a working day in an office or after a long road trip.

Toronto has a lot of outdoor activities to offer, you only need to get there and experience it all and have fun. In case you are in need of a rental car from the airport, grab a car in Toronto Airport, and get quality service.