Designing a Lair Worthy Of a Baron

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Since the dawn of time, man has always needed a place of their own to mark their territory. Whether it was a newfoundland or the local watering hole, man was there to leave his mark. A man needed a place to think, to escape life by watching sports or movies and to drink. Enter the man cave; the true place where a man can indulge freely. Everyone wanted to be Batman when they grow up with a bat cave filled with gadgets and cars.

The trend of creating a man cave in the comfort of your own home has been spreading like wildfire. Be it the basement, the attic or a spare room, man finds a space to call it his own. Creating a man cave in your home takes a lot of creativity, it’s not just your old furniture and your old appliances stuck in a spare room. No, creating a man cave is an art form, and with these few tips below, you’ll be feeling like the king of your castle.

Choose a theme

First things first, you need to choose a theme for your man cave. It can be an extravagant display of your passions like music or sports, with items of what you’re truly passionate about seeping through the décor. Think instruments on the walls ready for a jam session for music lovers, a sports-themed bar for sports fans, a garage theme for car lovers, or a movie theater for movie aficionados. It can also display your pop culture interests by creating a theme out of your favorite movie or TV show.

Collectibles and out of the box décor

Now that your theme has been decided, consider what kind of decorative items and accessories you will display. If you’re a fan of collectible art or action figures, display them proudly in your man cave on open shelves. The thing about decorating your man cave is that you can do anything you want, so consider adding some bizarre pieces of furniture, vintage signs or make your own DIY decorative pieces using old bats, wrenches or alcohol bottles and give it a funky and rustic look.

Gadgets and Games

Create a hub of entertainment in your man cave with big screen TVs, comfortable lazy boy chairs, video games ranging between vintage to VR, surrounding sound system, and vintage record players. If your man cave has the space for it, consider getting either a pool table or a foosball table along with one vintage arcade game. A poker table surrounded by leather seating will give it an underground but classy look.

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Munchies at the bar

Create a built-in bar to be the focal point of your man cave. With a sleek, edgy or vintage design along with non-traditional and creative bar stools, your guy friends will find it harder to leave. Serve fun theater snacks and munchies. Set up old school popcorn machines or gum ball machines or equip it with taps of either soda, Slurpee’s or even ice-cream! If your man cave has an outdoor area, consider a BBQ station for lazy Sunday afternoons.

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Your personal sanctuary

A man cave is a place where you can roam wild with your passions, guilty pleasures and freedom. It’s a space to become your own person, unwind and relax after a hectic week of working and keeping up with the family. And since it’s your space and yours alone, you can go as wild and as creative as you can get. There’s no limit to creating the ultimate escape through your very own man cave.