Brand designs are significant marketing symbols or logos that help define certain products. The designs can range from symbols to embossed initials. No matter what type of design brands may have, they have one thing in common: to create a unique name and image for their products that will stay etched in the minds of the consumers. One effective way of having a brand design to become known to consumers is through advertising with a consistent theme and incorporation of the brand design. The ultimate goal of these brands is to establish a significant and distinct market presence that can attract and retain loyal customers and patronage. There are different brands across the globe that have established themselves and have made their marks in the market and the consumers.

Food and Beverages

Brand logos are making a significant presence in the international market. If you see two golden arches forming the letter M, the first thing that comes to mind is MacDonald’s and their trademark French fries and big macs. If you see that two-tailed mermaid logo with a star on her crown on your coffee cup, you know that it’s Starbucks. The two largest beverage companies have significant brand logos that have established their identities. Coca-Cola uses the both the red and white Spencerian script text logo, while Pepsi uses the red, white and blue colored sphere.

Fashion Accessories

Bags and watches are accessories that have brand designs that certain consumers are very familiar with. If you see two opposite-facing letter C’s on a handbag, then you know that it is Coco Chanel’s creation or a Chanel bag. Another famous designer handbag has the MK logo, which stands for the brand’s creator, Michael Kors.

Watches, which are not just timekeeping devices, but also important fashion accessories, have iconic and distinct logos that establish the identity of their respective companies. The iconic Rolex brand design can be identified through a pointed crown above the company name. Another identifiable watch brand logo is Movado’s large single dot above the 12 o’clock position. One of the famous designs from Movado is the Museum watch, which captured the attention of consumers around the world. It’s sleek, simple and unique watch designs, along with its memorable logo helped establish a solid market base for this Swiss-made watch.

Business Brands

Businesses around the world have included branding in their marketing strategies, especially creating brand designs or logos that reflect the identity and ideals of the company. Tech giant Apple’s iconic logo came from Newton’s theory of gravity and Wordsworth’s quote about Newton. It inspired the company to think of ways technology and innovation can shape the world. Microsoft widely-recognizable four-color logo represents the four products and components of the company. The blue square represents Windows. The red square represents Office products. Green is for gaming and fun, mainly from Xbox. Yellow represents Surface and Microsoft’s forays into hardware.

The automobile company Mercedes-Benz is recognizable from their cars with the three-pointed star logo adorning the front hoods or grilles. The three points symbolize the company’s ambitions for motorization on land, water and air. Honda Motors’ bold letter H design symbolizes the company’s confidence, durability and innovation.

Different companies have different goals, markets and product orientations. One thing that these companies are found in common is the significance of having a brand design that is not only unique, but also defining the company’s ideals, mission vision and values. All these companies agree that an effective brand design is one that establishes a company’s visual identity, one that is retained in the consciousness of consumers, and one that retains its significance for a long period of time. The renown of these brand designs didn’t happen overnight, it took several years of hard work and reaching out to their markets. It would be nice to know the stories behind the iconic brand designs we now know.