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Expensive Higher Education from Top Universities – Is It Worth It?

Expensive Higher Education from Top Universities – Is It Worth It?

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This is a question many people, especially parents, think when they have to enroll their child in a university. Yes, it’s worth it. But you have to think it through while making your selection of university. Affordability, ranking, your ability to travel, and programs offered by the university are some factors that influence the decision.

Importance of Getting Higher Education from World’s Top Universities

There are myriad of advantages of getting educated from the top universities in the world. The reason going to these universities has become so important is that they serve as a validation of an individual’s skills and knowledge when he/she applies for a certain job. The employer knows that getting educated from a certain university in the world, the applicant has a given minimum level of knowledge, skills, and expertise so he/she can be trusted for the complex job activities.

Many people who educate their children in the top universities in the world see it as an investment, even though it incurs them a lot of costs. They are among the smartest people in the world, and yet they knowingly pay such high fees. They do so because they see value in it. They are aware of the fact that the name of one good university on the resume can create a tremendous difference between the profiles of two candidates with otherwise same or equal education, skills, and experience.

The top universities are connected to big companies in the industry. Students also conduct their research using this well-established link between industry and academia. They may work as interns offering chicago style paper writer services for some well-reputed editorial or newspaper or assume practical roles in the works on the field, e.g., design of structures as part of the research. The same develop their practical experience and exposes them to the biggest names in the industry. Such companies personally approach bright students in these universities, and the graduates don’t have to face any difficulty in getting the best employment.

What Are the Top Universities in the World

Every country has some best universities. Overall several ranking mechanisms declare the positions of universities. Certain systems rank top universities country by country whereas others declare the ranking considering all universities in the world together. Some of the all-time best universities have been Harvard University, Oxford University, and The University of Melbourne.

Criteria for the Establishment of Ranks for Top Universities

Universities are ranked according to a range of criteria. They are signifiers of quality and level of advancement of technology and relevance of the curriculum taught to the needs of present times. Some common criteria include:

– Quality of education

– The output of research

– Global popularity of faculty and their unique and unmatched achievements

– The institution’s per capita performance

The employability and achievements of graduates also influence the popularity and thus the ranking of universities. A university has to be a pioneer in research work and be well-equipped with advanced technology to rank among the top universities in the world. The competition is very tough, so a university has to constantly keep striving for the best even to maintain it’s position.

How People Pay for Higher Education from World’s Best Universities

The biggest challenge in the way of attainment of best education is money. Education from top universities is very expensive. Many people tend to think that their son or daughter will not earn as much in a lifetime as much is going to be spent on the fees of the bachelors’ program in university. However, that is far from reality.

The graduates of top universities get paid the highest salaries in the industry. They get a very solid start to their professional career and can quickly form connections with important people in the industry. Their good academic background, combined with their industry connections help them prosper.

How to Choose the Best University for Higher Education

Choice of the best university is not entirely dependent upon it’s ranking – you have to consider many other factors as well. You should either have all the money in hand to pay for it or else have a solid financial plan with clearly defined sources of funding. Besides affordability, you have to consider if you can travel to live on the university campus or you have to only resort to the options in your vicinity. The best university is that which is affordable for you, has a good ranking, and offers the program of your choice.