Did you know that the space you live in can impact your mood? Studies have shown that even small touches like lighting, colors, and shapes in your living room can subtly but significantly affect your emotions and lift or drag down your spirit, which is why it’s important that you create a stylish, uplifting space that you can actually feel good in. So, if you want to freshen up your living room, here are 3 easy yet very impactful decor tips.

The perfect pastels

Color combination is one of the most important aspects when it comes to professional interior design. Combining calming pasteles like steel blue with mocha beige, for instance, is a timeless yet very gentle combo which creates a beach-like feel in your living room. You can choose this combo when it comes to small essentials like pillows, curtains, even rugs, and carpets. Another, warmer hue, and a huge trend for this summer is the tantalizing mustard gold nuance that goes amazingly well with coral or even a bold mauve. Can you picture it yet? A velvet mauve loveseat against a mustard gold accent wall - isn’t it breathtaking? And, because both of these hues are deep, they create a very inviting, cozy atmosphere, yet a the same time this is as trendy as it gets.

Candles and candle fixtures are back

Lighting is one of, if not the most essential tools that can create the perfect romantic, calming ambiance in space; and what better way to achieve this than with candles. For a well-lit room, you’ll want to place a few candles in each corner of the room, along with a few night lamps; however, if you’re going for a more subtle, sunset atmosphere, a few candles in one or two corners should do the trick. And to spice things up a bit further, go for stylish candle holders or candle fixtures you can hang on the wall. A Victorian-style candle holder is a classic that goes well with practically any interior style. But, if you want to keep things modern, you can always shoot for a silver or bronze fixture with seamless features that bring some shine to space. Now, these may seem like bigger expenses - and you’re right to think that. Antique candle holders can run in the hundreds, which is why a well-thought-out budget should be in place. For bigger purchases like this, people often choose to withdraw from their savings account, while others work overtime to make extra money for special projects. Furthermore, those who qualify often release equity from their home to cover major costs, which is a worthwhile and sensible financial move, as the money in this case actually stays in the same household.

Experiment with unusual shapes

When it comes to furnitures like chairs, tables, shelves, and stools, most of us are used to square shapes and sharp edges, which is fine; but, if you really want to go for something different, bold, and unique, forget the precise geometric shapes, and draw inspiration from nature. Think water waves, tree branches, and irregular yet mesmerizing rock formations. Now, imagine a shelf made out of a single branch stretching against the wall - not only is it practical but can also serve as an accent piece against a stark wall. The same goes for a stool or table - instead of a carefully chiseled marble stone (or any other type of stone), how about leaving a few edges uneven and raw as a reminder that nature is beautiful and perfect with all of its “imperfections”?

Creating a comfy, serene living room matters as it’s one of the rooms you spend the most time in. All it takes is a few simple tweaks, and the willingness to experiment with a few trendy colors and shapes; and voila! You have the living room your dreams.

Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels