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Must-Know Guide Before You Start Your Bike Shop

Must-Know Guide Before You Start Your Bike Shop

Published by Programme B

Many cycling enthusiasts dreamt of working with bikes. They wanted to be engaged in things that have something to do with their hobby such as putting up their own bike shops. For some, their interest in bikes has been deeply rooted in them. Their dream of owning a bike shop someday won’t be easily extinguished even with the uncertainties that this fast-changing world brings. The bike shop industry might face unprecedented challenges as technology advancement is rapidly evolving. However, it is a certain thing that good times come and this is when opening a bike shop would be an opportune time. If you’re among those bike enthusiasts who plan to open a bike shop this article will prove to be helpful. So, check out the following guide on how to effectively prepare your bike shop business.

A Clear Plan

Preparing a clear plan is vital for the success of any business. The same is also true if you’re looking to put up your own bike shop. Some of the topics that you should include for discussion during the planning phase are the following:

  • Road bike size chart
  • Target market
  • Types of products to be sold
  • Types of services to be offered
  • Initial costs
  • Customer service essentials
  • Return of profit


Your brand represents what your business stands for. It is how your bike business is perceived by your customers. It matters to know if they ride two electric wheels or the traditional ones. Your brand must be relevant to them so that they are able to relate and connect with your brand. You may do prior research because it is vital to define your brand well. A sturdy-founded brand helps your business stand out from any other bike shops.

Tax Registration

A reputable bicycle business must register for various state and federal taxes prior to its opening. This will ensure people that you have a law-abiding business establishment.

Business Bank Account

A bank account meant for your bike business will help you organize your finances well. A business bank account tied to your bike shop’s identity is one good indication that your business is financially legal and capable of growing in terms of profit and ROI.

Financial Accounting

If you want your bike shop business to start right, then financial accounting has to be taken into consideration. Don’t wait for your business to boom at full scale before you start taking financial accounting into consideration. Otherwise, you run the risk of having difficulty tracking your business finances and all records related to it. Not to mention the fact that when tax season comes, an established financial accounting done right at the beginning helps tax filing such a breeze.

Secure Permits, Certifications, and Licenses

You must secure the legal documents needed for your business such as business licenses and permits acquired from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Business owners who fail to acquire the necessary legal requirements could be subjected to fines or worst business closure.

Business Insurance

It is recommended for all business owners, not just for bicycle business to get insurance. Compensation insurance may even be a legal necessity required by the state especially if you have employees.

It is good to know that you can turn your hobby into a business. Don’t hesitate to try new things which you think can help make your bike shop business successful.