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Tips To Having A Unique Drinking Experience

Tips To Having A Unique Drinking Experience

Published by Programme B

Almost everyone, for as long as you are in the legal age to drink, loves a great drinking experience! Whether it is a break off from your hectic work life, or as a reward for your hard work at school, a night of fun-filled drinking is indeed a treat to give you that well-deserved fun and chill times. If you are planning on a party, or if you are looking for more unique drinking ideas, you’ve come to the right place, as here are tips on how you can have one, or create your own:

1. Create themed drinks for your guests.

If you are serving a small group, you can easily create a totally personalized experience for your guests. For example, you can serve their drinks using items from their respective professions. If you have nurse friends, perhaps you can have IV-drip-like drinks. If you have guests who are physicians, you can serve the drinks in a syringe. If you have lawyer friends, perhaps open up a mock briefcase full of shot glasses with drinks. If you are hosting a Game of Thrones party, for example, you might want to serve drinks in a beer horn cup. Be creative!

The same is true for when you are holding an office party. You can create themed drinks based on the type of company that you are.

2. Host drinking games!

Beer pong, spin the wheel, truth or dare, Russian roulette-type beer games—you name it, these are in constant demand! Although these may seem quite common, do not take for granted the power of these games to provide a good time for your guests. If there are any more games you can think of, then add it up to the list as well. Even the usual Jenga gets more interesting when all of the players have already had a few drinks. Drinking games are always an excellent way to give out a unique and fun drinking experience. You can even give away party favors or drinks as prizes, such as these party favour sour mix packs!

3. Ask your guests to bring their own personal favorite drinks.

Instead of heading out to a bar with everybody, if you’ve got a balcony at your place, or some extra dining and living space, you can ask your guests to come to your house instead. To give everyone a better time, you can ask them to bring their favorite drinks. This way, there is instantly a conversation starter about the drink and why they love it. You can swap drinks with each other, and overall have a taste of every single type of alcohol that your friends like.

If you aren’t down with the idea of asking them to bring their own drinks, you can ask for a poll beforehand about what each of your guests’ favorite drinks is. Because you are hosting, take the time to buy each of these drinks, and study unique recipes as to how you can create a perfect blend. For example, perhaps you can level up that beer a bit, or create a new twist to your favorite tequila.

4. Have a create-your-own drink station.

Build-your-own pizza-type restaurants are becoming quite popular these days. You can take this example and follow suit with a create-your-own drink station. Everyone loves a little experiment, and you are giving your guests more opportunities to explore recipes that they might like to try out! To make things a little bit easier, you can also provide a menu with sample recipes for them to mix and match their drinks to their liking. Guests will have so much fun trying out new things and experimenting on drinks that they have never even thought would be great.

5. Serve your drinks with karaoke, too.

Going for karaoke is a very Asian thing to do; however, you can be sure that this will also give your friends a great time. Along with Karaoke, you can even add in a little Dance Revolution competition. If none of your friends or office mates have done the same, there certainly is a first time for everything—why not be the first one to introduce them to all this fun?


Sitting down with friends and family and a couple of beers is an excellent way for you to bond with them. Of course, it goes without saying that you should act responsibly and refuse to drive afterward or go beyond the intoxication limit. If you want to raise the bar a little bit more for having a good time, you can use these tips to your advantage. For the next drinking spree or party that you host, you can be sure that your guests will have a great time that having to cap the night off might be quite challenging to do.