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Bask In The Sunshine At These 5 Fabulous Sailing Destinations Onboard A Yacht (Visual Guide)

Bask In The Sunshine At These 5 Fabulous Sailing Destinations Onboard A Yacht (Visual Guide)

Published by Programme B

Nothing can rival the experience of cruising in a luxurious yacht. Whether chartered for vacations, special occasions or privately owned, these pleasure vessels will give voyagers a sense of expansiveness and freedom that only traveling by sea can offer.

And with the summer folding to a close, we have hoisted anchor, unrolled the map and taken it upon ourselves to point you in the right direction of the fabulous, most stunning destinations around the globe you can get to by sea.

Durban, South Africa

Snuggled in the Indian Ocean to the southeast, SA offers some of the most stunning and extraordinary cruising grounds where you can marvel at this intriguing nations’ gorgeous islands, and abundant collection of unparalleled sights and adventure. When talking about yachting, Cape Town might be on top of the list, but if you want somewhere less crowded, the second largest city, Durban, will be your best bet.

Durban offers beautiful weather, great food and is brimming with cultural diversity. Take that and blend it with a luxurious voyage down the Indian Ocean and you’ll have the vacation of your life. Plus, you get to be greeted by dolphins while enjoying some of the most scenic views of South Africa’s East Coast. After a long day of cruising, you can hit up the wonderful town of Clarens and stay for the night with Clarens accommodation ranging from luxurious to budget-friendly.

French Riviera

France’s tiny slice of Mediterranean, also called the Côte d’Azur or Azure Coast, in the French Riviera is renowned around the world for its fabulous and wonderful yacht cruise experiences.

Furthermore, it has the best selection of luxurious yachts and stretches from the Cassis to the Italian border. Those seeking to bask in the sunshine and pleasure will get to see St. Jean Cap Ferrat, Villefranche and Monaco within few hours of cruising and will have the chance to see Cannes and St. Tropez as well. The French Riviera doesn’t only have the most famous yacht charter on Earth, but it is also synonymous with sophistication, celebrities, glamour, and exclusive clubs, hotels and meeting spots.

Amalfi Coast

Currently a World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast is synonymous with leisure, wealth nobility and maritime. Since Roman times, this Italian coast has drawn people and is a popular magical honeymoon destination, thanks to its stunning romantic views and unforgettable experiences.

Yacht cruises here will allow tourists to see the rugged and rocky coast, beautiful cliff-side towns, well-protected harbors, and clear waters. You can choose to visit Maiori and enjoy the Robert Rossellini film festival; Vietri Sul Mare town in Cetera and have a taste of their famous Colatura di Alici of anchovy sauce; or Salerno, which is the largest city on this coast.

St. Barthelemy, Caribbean

Also known as St. Barths (or Barts), St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean is a popular yachting location that has been growing in popularity. One of the major reasons for this is its charter locations between Virgin Gorda and Antigua, which are 2 popular sailing centers.

St. Barths is famous for luxury yachts and you can find a huge selection of catamarans, crewed yachts, large racing yachts and luxury superyachts to witness 14 lovely beaches and fascinating waterways in the area.

And although tourists typically come to relax on the Caribbean Island’s stunning white sands and cruise in azure waters, the place also offers hotels and restaurants as well as other services and facilities for a great nightlife.


Now, we can’t just complete this list without the world’s best sailing tourism hubs in the whole Mediterranean Sea— Greece. It makes an awesome destination during the summer holiday and Greece yacht charters can take tourists to the top 4 destinations in one go— Ionians, Sporades, Dodecanese, and Cyclades. You can also visit other famous destinations such as the Argolic Gulf and Saronic Island.

Here you can choose to cruise in calm bays and gulfs or have an open water yacht charter. You’ll definitely enjoy the magical Crete, cultural experiences in Ionians and the natural beauty of the deserted beach at the Dodecanese. You can even stare at the wonder of the Cyclades whitewashed villages or try to climb Mount Olympus.