Grand Theft Auto V: Casino is added

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The most popular Rockstar game, its real hit, Grand Theft Auto V, has got a special online extension. The players can bet new as the casinos were added here. The game has become even more exciting — residents and visitors of San Andreas (the fictional state in the USA) will gamble for big money. The bets can be very high: millions can be won, millions can be lost. Everything depends on a player, its skills and even luck.

New GTA Gambling Extension

The fans of GTA were asking to add a casino into the game, but it seemed that many years, nobody heard them. Summer of 2019 has brought all GT fans fantastic news: finally, a casino online is opened here!

Besides, the players will get the other stuff that they could not even expect to have before: elite games, expensive vehicles, luxurious real estate and whatnot! Now, players can make bets not only in their favorite Baocasino Canada but try to win a jackpot in the new opened GTA Casino!


GTA Casino: enter the game

When a gambler decides to enter this casino, he will see a small screen to send to you the sessions, where a player can gamble (as gambling is prohibited in some areas).

It is supposed that the gambler entering this casino will pay an entrance fee: besides gambling, the user can deal with a cool business, like Night Clubs. If he wants to start a great business, he can even “buy” this building.

GTA V Casino Extras

As the game is known for its dialogues and monologues, which make it more realistic, the new extension has got new dialogues. Gerald and Martin Madrazo are talking. They are discussing the newly opened gambling establishment.

Besides, it is already known what entertainments are offered in this GTA Casino. These are Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and slots. Actually, this is a standard “casino package”. However, here, there is one curious feature: lottery tickets can be bought. The lucky guy, who wins in a Lottery, gets currency.

Casino “robbery” can be added here as well. As soon as now, the player can get money for taking risks, why cannot he try to turn into a robber?

The extension will add some other changes: a garage near GTA Casino should be built. It is supposed to be a huge building as a player, who decides to become a businessman and “buy” casinos, for example, he can open later a Moto Club.

So, the game is becoming more exciting and promising — now, gambling online in a GTA virtual casino will bring real money to those guys, who are ready to risk and believe in their luck.