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What you can expect from your lawyer if you have been involved in a personal injury incident

What you can expect from your lawyer if you have been involved in a personal injury incident

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Hiring a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases is essential if you have been involved in that kind of incident, as they have both the detailed knowledge of this aspect of the law and the direct experience gained from previous cases which are essential for a positive legal outcome.

What counts as a personal injury?

This is a fairly wide area of the law, as it covers injuries which are both physical and emotional, which have been inflicted by accident, on purpose, or as a result of negligence. The ultimate goal of every personal injury claim is to secure compensation for the claimant.

Examples of personal injury cases

There are hundreds of ways a personal injury claim can be triggered, but some of the most common include a no-fault accident or incident involving the claimant and:

  • Road accidents (involving cars, motorbikes, bicycles, buses, trucks etc, or pedestrians).
  • Plane and boating accidents
  • Slips and trips in public spaces.
  • Incidents involving animals, usually dogs, such as bites or attacks.
  • Medical malpractice injuries.
  • Home and personal care abuse and injuries.
  • Beauty related injuries.

What can you expect from your personal injury lawyer?

Even though cases may have specific tasks, in general, there are several core tasks which all personal injury lawyers undertake, regardless of what type of personal injury is involved. These are;

An initial meeting with the client

This is essential to get the details of the case clearly laid out, and it also provides a chance for the lawyer to decide if there is even a case worth pursuing. Being experts in this field, a personal injury lawyer knows which cases have the legs to go all the way to the courtroom if necessary, and which are better off securing the best possible settlement. This is essential as lawyers work in one of two ways.

– No win, no fee

– They bill clients for their time

In the first example, known as working on a ‘contingency fee basis’, it would be poor business sense to lay out large amounts of cash if you weren’t sure there was a good chance of winning the case. In the second example the lawyer doesn’t lose out, but few would want to be unethical and represent a client they were sure had a poor case from the start.

Evidence gathering

This usually involves everything from police and medical reports to visual evidence of the accident scene and witness statements.

Reaching an agreement with the insurance company

Negotiating settlements successfully takes a particular set of skills, and personal injury lawyers such as have plenty of experience of doing this and getting the outcome they want. They also use their experience and knowledge of the law to assess the level of compensation due.

Handling court cases

Sometimes an insurance company won’t play ball and offer a decent settlement, so the lawyer must prepare for court and represent you there.

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