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What Happens When You Mix CBD Oil and Alcohol?

What Happens When You Mix CBD Oil and Alcohol?

Published by Programme B

To know the reasons why it is better to keep them separate and have more clarity to what you face if in spite of everything you prefer to combine these substances, we have collected information based on the few pharmacological studies existing in this regard beyond the individual experiences of each individual. What is evident is that combining marijuana with alcohol produces certain metabolic interactions in the body and being informed about them is playing with advantage.

What happens in your brain when you mix alcohol and CBD Oil?

Alcohol and marijuana are two drugs that act completely differently in your body, it has nothing to do with genetics or whether the seeds are feminized, regular or automatic. There is more to say that alcohol is a depressant of the nervous system while CBD Oil acts on a cognitive level by modifying the behavior of certain brain neuroreceptor.

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So what does marijuana and alcohol do to the brain?

To understand it in a simpler way we could say that while alcohol has a powerful effect at a physical level, slowing down motor abilities and making the judgment cloudy, the cannabinoids present in marijuana have powerful effects at the cognitive level, different in type and intensity depending on the variety of CBD Oil and the weight of the person who is consuming it, and which can range from time distortion to paranoia. However, the response offered by each individual to this intersection of substances so opposite is not entirely clear.

There are people who can quietly enjoy several drinks and a few joints as if nothing while for others this mixture leads to an uncontrollable anxiety attack or an uncomfortable picture of marijuana intoxication with nausea and vomiting. But perhaps the immediate effects are not the most worrisome, but we should analyze these factors with a little more perspective.

The increase of THC in the blood as a result of alcohol

Did you know that cannabinoids are fat-soluble substances? This means that the main active components of marijuana, be it THC or CBD, are only diluted in fats, oils and ethanol. The latter is the chemical compound that is present in alcohol and therefore when you drink a glass it goes directly to your blood.

Now imagine your blood with high levels of ethyl alcohol. When you receive the cannabinoids present in your marijuana puffs, you can already imagine what is going to happen, right? It is estimated that alcohol can even double the power of THC to be diluted in the blood and in its transit through each of the organs through which it runs, including the brain.

Combined with alcohol the effects of marijuana will be felt much faster but that immediacy does not ensure that you will obtain the expected results.

If you are going to do it, better follow an order

If despite all the above recommendations you cannot resist the temptationand practice this very risky combination, it is best that you follow the advice of some experienced smokers.

It is not just about popular wisdom. There is really an explanation to affirm that the order in which you consume marijuana and alcohol has significant repercussions in your organism. So, pay attention to this advice. If you plan to do both, first smoke your cannnabis cigarette and then followed with the alcohol, not in reverse order.

If you do not follow this strict order you have all the problems of ending up experiencing the symptoms of a pale face, that is, that unpleasant moment in which the sudden increase in dizziness and nausea eventually lead you irremediably to the vomiting from marijuana intoxication.

This is because alcohol speeds up the rate at which THC reaches the brain. The body is not able to assimilate that change so quickly and reacts immediately with the symptoms of intoxication, no matter how skilled a smoker you are. It is a risk to which you expose yourself even if you follow the guideline of consuming CBD Oil before drinking, but the possibilities are reduced with this recommendation, so it is best not to gamble.