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Syracuse DWI 101: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Drive

Syracuse DWI 101: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Drive

Published by Programme B

Drinking and driving are never two acts that go along together. While this is a commonly known fact, it also cannot be denied that there are still many who dare do it, particularly those belonging to the younger generations. For instance, young adults and teen drivers have the courage to believe that they can still drive sensibly after they had a drink. More so that buying beers are no longer as difficult now, with supermarkets having a full stock of almost all the options you can find.

To convince you even more that drunk driving at the same time is a seriously wrong thing to do, here are reasons why:

1. You Are Risking A Slow Reaction Time

You don’t need to be a health expert for you to know that when alcohol gets in your system, you are risking a slower reaction time of your body. As your senses are impaired, you may think, for instance, that a car in front of you is still far away, when the truth is that you’re already close enough to each other. If the vehicle suddenly brakes, or worse, if a pedestrian suddenly crosses the road, it’ll take you much longer reaction time to come to your senses and avoid the accident. By the time you realize the danger, it’s already too late.

2. You Are Risking Serious Legal Penalties

Drunk driving, typically labeled as Driving Under Influence or Driving With Influence, is a serious offense. Depending on the severity of your crime, you can face not only fines and penalties, but jail time as well. Good if you were only caught over speeding, without causing harm to another. But, what if serious physical injuries or death came as a result of your negligence? You’ll have to pay for your wrong choices in court, and behind bars.

To get an even deeper idea of the legal penalties that you may be facing, visit the DWI Guys for legal consultation.

3. Your Insurance Premium Will Increase

If your car insurance premium at the moment is already high enough, then here’s the bad news: it is bound to increase once you have a record of DWI or DUI. Insurance is based on one thing: your risk as a driver. The higher the risk, then naturally, the higher the premiums as well.

When you have been caught drunk driving, the insurance company of your vehicle will be notified of this. Especially so when there’s damage to the car, as well. You can be sure that from that point on, you’ll be bound to pay higher insurance premiums, being that you’ll already be labeled as a high-risk driver.

4. You Already Have A Lack Of Coordination In Your Body

When you’ve had too many drinks, even a task as simple as walking is already difficult. You may tend to sway or you cannot even walk in a straight line. Often, this can be a laughing matter among friends when you’re still having a good time. But, when you have this kind of lack of coordination in your body, this means one thing: you can no longer drive. Do not force it. If you can spend the night at your friend’s, then do so.

Remember that driving takes a lot of coordination with your mind, your hands, and your feet. This needs a lot of focus, too. If walking is already tricky enough, then all the more that driving is something that you should no longer aim to do.

5. Your Vision Is Decreased

If you have a terrible vision, to begin with, don’t make this worse by driving when you’re drunk. When you already have a few drinks on your system, you’ll also realize that your vision starts to get blurry. Everything seems to be like in a haze, and wearing your eyeglasses will only make the blur even worse.

Never decide to drive when you cannot even see the road clearly. Especially at night when car lights and street lights can get blinding on the eye – you’re only going to view these as blurs when you pass through. Also, your peripheral vision may be able to see only fewer things. That means you may miss that person who suddenly crosses on the pedestrian lane. Or worse, you may miss the changing of the traffic light and collide with another vehicle at an intersection. These situations are all recipes of severe disasters.


Understanding the dangers of drinking and driving is not difficult to comprehend. However easy, there are still many who choose not to abide by this law. Especially late at night, you can certain that there are drivers behind the wheel that are already way beyond the intoxication limits set by the law.

If you’re one of these individuals who still believe that they can drink and drive, reread these reasons. Choose to be a safer and more cautious driver next time.