Exploring Sydney’s Social Enterprises x Matters

Sydney's network of social enterprises is building resilience and employability among the city's most underrepresented and disadvantaged communities.
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When it comes to purchasing decisions, there’s plenty to love about supporting social enterprises. For me, it’s the fact that our dollars are helping to create a positive impact in our communities. But, more than that, after speaking with these four Sydney-based social enterprises, what is most evident is the passion and dedication they have for their work, the beautiful products they create and the people they support.

Studio A:
Studio A is a Sydney-based arts company that provides professional development to talented artists with intellectual disability.

“In creating Studio A, I have always been inspired by the high quality of art work our artists produce. I have wanted to forge opportunities for our artists to experience the joy of sharing their artwork with relevant audiences, and to bring their artwork to audiences I know will appreciate the work,” says Gabrielle Mordy, the social enterprise’s CEO and artistic director. continues at mattersjournal.com

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