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7 simple ways to increase your business through digital marketing

7 simple ways to increase your business through digital marketing

Published by Programme B

Businesses today are embracing digital transformation and are deploying digital marketing after thorough consideration. However, those businesses that are not using it need to understand its importance to embrace digital transformation, starting with a marketing calendar template 2022

Small businesses today thrive in today’s business landscape because of digital marketing. It also helps the business make its mark. Furthermore, thanks to Instagram growth services like Growthoid, it has never been easier to automate your Instagram efforts. Above all, automating your Instagram posts can help small business owners to build an online presence.

However, many businesses find digital marketing to be intimidating and confusing when it comes to tactics. A lot of business owners have the following dilemmas when it comes to digital marketing:

  • How can one be sure of what methods to use to obtain real-time outcomes?
  • Which digital tactics can help to ensure the business gets maximum exposure?
  • How can one achieve their marketing objectives without losing previous investments & time?
  • From where can one start to make sure they are reaching the correct target audience?

Business owners should not hesitate in looking for help from a full-service digital marketing agency when it comes to digital performance marketing and digital transformation. On the bright side, obtaining that clarity is not that hard. The truth lies in the fact that a large number of entrepreneurs are experimenting with digital marketing & too with considerable success.

According to recent research, most small businesses are using social media content in order to generate more leads. 74% of these business owners stated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is an integral components of their social media strategy.

Proven steps for business owners to use digital marketing in increasing business

Even though, digital marketing can look either tricky & a handful in the beginning; it is far from both. Business owners should not hesitate in looking for help from a full-service digital marketing agency when it comes to digital marketing and digital transformation.

Let’s look at 8 effective digital marketing tactics that not only give business owners amplified business but more leads and definitely positive outcomes:

Creating content that is easy to share

Making the right kind of content is an integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy. Content is king, meaning it can make, or break, a business’s content marketing strategy. Before taking a consultation you need to know how skilled is the agency’s internet marketing specialist.

Low-quality and irrelevant content can overturn your brand. On the other hand, quality content that is relevant and of high quality can help a business create a robust relationship with its target audience. Such also helps create a brand image & boost revenue.

However, there is one catch. If the content is good, then the right kind of audience needs to see it. Otherwise, it will be doomed to fall down. The concept is the creation of good content is that:

  • It helps a business achieve its marketing objectives and expand its reach.
  • It helps a business’s audience with queries and encourages them to share their concerns.

How does a business create content that is relevant? The following can help answer this question:

  • Aim at producing content that brings an emotional reaction from the target audience. At times, people share content for emotional reasons.
  • Making content useful & practical so it offers customers real-time value.
  • Using the element of storytelling to engage the audience with something relatable.

Optimizing for both desktops and mobile

Business owners need to understand the difference between desktop & mobile platforms in terms of digital marketing. They do work on similar lines, but they also need to understand how both platforms work. 

More importantly, business owners need to understand how customers will engage with the business on both these platforms.

Business owners need to determine how they can convert more prospective customers into regular ones. It also implies that they cannot ignore any of these platforms as both are equally important in digital marketing.

On both platforms, delivering a top-class user experience to visitors is a top priority to not only make them stay longer on the website (or page) but also to help them take actions they desire (subscription, purchase, etc.). 

The site’s usability determines how connected and engaged the target audience is and which pages are popular. Businesses must take one step at a time when improving the user experience. 

When it comes to mobile, businesses must ensure that their website is effective and responsive in all ways. Users, visitors, and customers must get what they need seamlessly.

A mobile-friendly website does not limit itself to just aesthetics. It also talks about the overall functionality and the ability to convert visitors into users. Businesses must ensure that their websites are mobile responsive, load fast, and optimized for search engines on mobile.

Harnessing the power of Video

Video is popular these days. If anyone scrolls down their social media feed, they will find video posts in large numbers.

Video marketing is projected to grow further and users will opt for watching videos whether it’s about product/service features, a news incident, and the like. In fact, a video draws 4 times more customers than a picture-based post or an article.

In fact, businesses must consider the following when opting for video:

  • They should focus on spreading easily understandable messages with calls to action.
  • They should incorporate a character in their videos as part of storytelling.
  • Use the power of scripts in videos. Create a beginning (the setup), intermission (the problem), and ending (problem resolution).
  • In the end, give the video’s viewer a comprehendible call to action.

Spreading the word via Influencer Marketing

According to Global Trust in Advertising report from Nielsen, around 83% of respondents revealed they trust the recommendation of friends and family to a considerable extent.

Influencer marketing is a clever marketing tool to help businesses gain the audience’s trust. For this to work, using a name, face, celebrity or renowned figure endorsing a product or service will certainly enlighten, entertain and convince the audience for a particular purchase. Using someone with a large following already, alongside choosing to buy IG followers online for the company page, will give your business an instant boost!

Businesses must identify the correct influencer for their target audience. Meaning, if they are selling soccer gloves in the New York metropolitan area; they can use international names like Alisson Becker, Thibault Courtois, Manuel Neuer or former United States goalkeeper Tim Howard for this purpose.

Using a web design focused on converting visitors into users

A favorable conversion rate is desirable for all sorts of businesses when they are using digital marketing. Also, such conversions are possible with the help of sleek and user-centric web design. Businesses must focus on creating a foundation for growth by focusing on raising the conversion rate to favorable margins.

Apart from ads and email, the website the business has must be created in a way that helps convert visitors into leads, which in turn convert into customers. This repeat business is helpful in digital marketing. This is something that can be made possible with the aid of a Toronto web design company.

A perfect workable website is one that is designed specifically to give businesses a higher rate of conversion. Making the signed appeal aesthetically should not involve the loss of customers.

Here are some tips to help small businesses in this matter:

  • Determine where the call for action button needs placement.
  • Make the website user-friendly so visitors/users can access all elements.
  • Go for simple designs. Do not overwhelm visitors.
  • Do not ignore the importance of color selection. Color psychology plays a strong role in branding, conversions, and purchase decisions.
  • Conduct AB testing regularly

Running a digital marketing campaign is not easy without A/B testing. Those who are new to digital marketing often shelve it.

Businesses should be regularly testing everything, from the most minor of elements to the largest visible variables. The habit of A/B testing is the best thing to do as it helps businesses achieve higher ROI in the long term.

Focusing on data

Being driven by data is something that all digital marketers and businesses must keep in mind. Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, and Mixpanel help all in the business community interpret incumbent and past data, credit attribution, and ensure the best possible ROI from digital marketing campaigns.

A report from Aberdeen reveals that top-class marketers are 58% more likely to integrate analytics tools in their workflow and processes. Regardless of what tools a business uses, it’s time for them to harness the power of data and harvest it for good.


Digital Marketing is a marathon, a race of the long run. Businesses should keep in mind what they need to calculate and the hardness of the data they need to set themselves up for success.

Digital is not just the present but also the future of the world.