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How to Install Undermount Kitchen Sink

How to Install Undermount Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen Sinks come in different varieties. Choosing a kitchen sink for yourself depends on your individual usage and the design of your house. If you are designing your house in a way where an undermount kitchen sink would suit the most, then here I have explained the entire installation method for an undermount kitchen sink. In order to find more information, visit best kitchen sink reviews. Therefore, some precautions mentioned in the article must be kept in the mind and have to be taken care of before installing a kitchen sink.  As you installed your Kitchen Sink, go online with  25 euro no deposit casino , to relax.

The proper installation of undermount kitchen sink plays a very important role in the countertop appearance of your kitchen. The undermount kitchen sink must be properly installed and it cannot be neglected. In the following article, I will provide you with the complete procedure of how to install undermount kitchen sink. 

As we already know that the kitchen sinks are quite heavy to install properly on the same level as the countertop. 

Therefore, some precautions mentioned in the article must be kept in the mind and have to be taken care of before installing a kitchen sink.

Accordingly, if you would like further support when installing your sink, reaching out to a company that offers licensed plumbing in Brisbane or similar services in your local area is strongly recommended. Some things are best left to the experts, and if installing your sink is likely to be a big task then there is no harm in asking for professional guidance. For now, though, let us discuss some factors you need to consider throughout the installation process.


The Installation schemes

One thing must be kept in mind that undermount kitchen sink must be installed before setting down the slabs of the kitchen. Generally, if the countertop slabs are fixed first, then it is quite difficult to fix an undermount sink between the fixed slabs. As a result of which, you will be unable to seal the lower part of the slab and the sink properly. 

Generally, there are three common methods that can be utilized to install the sink support. First, let’s understand the types of sink supports.

Different types of sink support for your kitchen

In case you are having a concrete countertop slab in your kitchen, you must be aware of the fact that the concrete countertop is not capable to bear the pressure of the sink. In that case, you must establish it by supporting it with the plywood and the cabinet frame. Collectively, they will help to give the support to the sink by withstanding the weight of undermount kitchen sink. 

The Commercial Bracket

The primary type of support is the commercial sink Bracket which is originated by the granite supply industries. Mainly, the commercial Bracket is specially designed to install it onto the cabinet frame of your kitchen. Before using it, you must go through the manufacturer’s directions to establish the commercial Bracket perfectly in your kitchen. 

The Custom Wood Frame

Another type of sink support that can be used in your kitchen is the Custom Wood Frame which can be attached to the walls of the kitchen cabinet. With the help of the Custom Wood Frame, the sink can be fixed with the help of the support of this case by its flanges. 

The Custom Plywood Shelf

Another type of sink support is the specially designed 0.75 inches Plywood Shelf. Generally, the Plywood Shelf comes with a wide opening cut in the center which will help the undermount sink to fall in. Actually, the opening in the sink must be quite wider which can allow the sink to move inside it. The sink must make a perfect alignment with the countertop opening. 

Fix the Sink onto the Support Frame of your cabinet

Use the caulk tube to apply a reasonable amount of caulk on top of the flange of undermount kitchen sink.

Use should use an acrylic bath that can be either a siliconized or silicone acrylic bath and use kitchen caulk. After the caulk is applied, you can install the countertop slabs above it that come with the sink. You can place it in between the cabinet frame and the countertop and sandwich it in between.

The first thing that must be remembered during this process is that you should be extremely cautious while you are fixing the sink inside the sink support as more often than not, most of the people do not worry about being cautious about the process and they end up harming themselves while fitting undermount kitchen sink.

What is the importance of caulking as a process of how to install undermount kitchen sink?

For a sink to work up to the best of its efficiency you should securely create a watertight fastener along the base of the countertop and the sink. Make sure to carefully apply the silicone caulk from the caulk tube across the flange. But most importantly you should carefully make a watertight seal. However, in the process of installing the sink make sure that you do not do anything in excess which would make it untidy, for example, if you apply too much caulk it would let it leak and hence make the surrounding plate untidy which would not make the sink look good.

Keep in mind that the bare concrete will go through the chemical reaction with the silicon to result in a dirty-looking density. The product formed will continuously flow out of the points through which it is connected to the sink. So, you must take care to seal the base of the sink opening after installing the undermount sink so that the sealed concrete can only touch the silicone. 

How much time is required to install undermount kitchen Sink?

Generally, one with high experience can install the undermount sink in less than 30 minutes. But, if you are not aware of the complete procedure of the installation of the sink in a perfect way, you must arrange all the required tools and equipment that might be required before calling a plumber which will take quite lesser time. You can also complete some of the basic proceedings before the arrival of a plumber like cleaning up the base of the stone and arranging the required tools in a proper way. 


In a nutshell, installation of undermount kitchen sink is not that much tough. There can be different and some modern material that might be useful in the installation of the sink but the procedure will mostly be the same. We wish that the above article will clear all of your doubts and will sharpen your mind regarding the installation of undermount sink in your home.