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Getting Married in Brisbane Australia: A Complete Guide

Getting Married in Brisbane Australia: A Complete Guide

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Brisbane is one of Australia’s oldest cities. It has charm and beautiful architecture that attracts hordes of tourists each year. However, the “River City” as it’s known by locals, is fast becoming a notable wedding destination as well. Here’s a complete guide with everything you need to know about getting married in Brisbane.


Wedding bells that won’t break your piggy bank

Contrary to what you might think, getting married in Brisbane is quite affordable. However, it’s important to pick a venue that offers a comprehensive service. This should include the ceremony, wedding officiate, ceremony room and ceremonial marriage certificate. The date and time of day you choose for the wedding will also affect the overall cost of the ceremony.

For those who choose to have multiple ceremonies, the price will go up considerably but it should include a standard marriage certificate. Deciding on a date can be daunting so the venue should allow you to change the date at no fee. The usual condition is that you notify them at least 2 weeks prior. Paying is hassle-free. You can either do it in person or via mail using cash, credit card, business account or bank cheque and money order.

It’s also easy to find great places in Brisbane such as the Factory 51 wedding venue. There are plenty of venues that cater to small and intimate ceremonies as well as large wedding parties. The most important thing is to make sure that all your friends and family witness your big day.

Smile for the camera

Brisbane boasts mountain bay views, stunning architecture and romantic ripples across the Brisbane River. This means that your wedding day is guaranteed to look scenic and beautiful. Just remember to hire a professional photographer so you can have pictures to remember it with.

Lavish digs

Apart from the memorable surroundings, wedding venues in Brisbane often come with waiting areas to ensure that your guests stay comfortable, a private dressing area to ensure that your face beat is seamless, and an integrated sound system. If nothing else, make sure that your venue meets these standard requirements.

Cater to everyone

Finding a place that’s inclusive on your wedding day can be a nightmare especially if you or your guests have disabilities. Luckily, most Brisbane venues offer special arrangements such as an allowance for qualified assistance animals. This is a great way to ensure that no one gets excluded from this momentous occasion. If you or some of your guests don’t speak English, simply bring a translator to get your documentation translated by an accredited translator.

What you need to say I do

If Brisbane sounds like the sanctuary to sweep you off into married bliss, make sure you have your proof of identification handy. This is in addition to your original birth certificates or passports. Those who have walked down the aisle before will also need divorce or death certificates.

Once you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your I’s, you’ll need to fill in and file the relevant application form from the Brisbane registry. Don’t forget to choose a date, provide all your documentation, apply for a marriage certificate and pay the necessary fees. It doesn’t sound like a lot of red tapes because it isn’t. The registry has simplified these steps for minimal red tape and to alleviate the stresses that can come with planning your big day.

Smooth Sailing

While considering your ideal wedding date, remember to have at least three alternatives. Keep in mind the weather conditions and other factors that might interfere with your wedding ceremony. Don’t forget the costs that come with hosting your ceremony at certain times of the year.

Less red tape

When getting married in Brisbane, make sure the venue you pick offers an online booking feature so you don’t have to wait in long queues. Usually, all you need are your standard contact details: your name, email address and number. A confirmatory email will then be sent to confirm your appointment.

Most venues understand that sometimes life happens so they allow rescheduling or canceling. Just make sure to let them know two days in advance to be courteous.