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Reasons Why Organic Food Can Help Improve Work Productivity

Reasons Why Organic Food Can Help Improve Work Productivity

Published by Programme B

How you eat is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. However, most people only associate nutrition with either weight loss or health in general. Not everyone realizes how eating habits are directly linked to productivity at work.

According to a study conducted at Brigham Young University, employees with a poor diet were 66% more likely to experience productivity loss compared to those who eat healthy food. The research found that the food we eat has a direct effect on how we perform at work. If you want to be more productive, experts advise that you pay closer attention to what you consume on a daily basis.

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How Food Affects Performance

Food can affect our cognitive performance, so a poor decision during lunchtime can make or break your entire afternoon. How?

Everything we consume is converted into glucose by our bodies. This substance provides the energy needed by our brain to keep functioning and stay alert. Once we run low on glucose, it will be much harder to stay focused on a certain activity. This explains why you might find it more difficult to concentrate on an empty stomach.

Now, here’s the part we rarely think about: our bodies do not process food at similar rates. There are food items that quickly release glucose (i.e. cereal, soda, pasta, bread, etc.), which then results in a massive burst of energy before a slump.

While you get more sustained energy from high-fat food (i.e. sandwiches and cheeseburgers), they force our digestive systems to work harder. This reduces the oxygen levels in our brain, which leads to the groggy feeling you get after a heavy meal.

Eating Organic Food = More Productivity

When you have a healthy diet, it means you consume a wide range of food items from all food groups in the right quantities. Having the proper nutrients gives you the energy you need while maintaining your health. These nutrients should include water, vitamins, fats, minerals, carbs, and protein.

A well-balanced diet is not only supposed to help you reach your goal weight. It should also involve healthy foods that fuel your brain and energize you throughout the day. Examples of organic food your body needs are seeds, nuts, whole grains, fruits, healthy oils, and vegetables.

Below are 5 reasons why you can be more productive by eating more organic food.

1. Organic food reduces your stress levels.

Studies have shown that those who have healthy eating habits are less likely to have mood disorders or mental health issues. Eating organic food allows you to overcome stress faster and handle work-related problems better.

2. Organic food boosts your performance and energy.

Eating right means your body processes nutrients properly. Because you get more energy, you can work better and tackle different tasks effortlessly.

3. Organic food increases the level of your self-confidence.

Maintaining a healthy diet reduces stress and anxiety. This keeps you physically fit and lets you think clearly at all times. As a result, your self-confidence is enhanced.

4. Organic food keeps you mentally and physically active.

In the workplace, the last thing you want is to be caught sleeping by your boss. Organic foods are packed with nutrients that nourish your brain and body. They keep your brain functioning at optimal levels to handle all sorts of work challenges and most importantly, keep you awake and alert.

5. Organic food gives your life balance.

With organic food, you look better, feel better, and move better. It gives your life balance and allows you to focus better on your goals to reach success faster.

Final Thoughts

According to the Woofemdown catering team, sticking to a healthy diet not only benefits your personal life–it can also make a huge impact on your professional life. So how do you avoid the negative effects of poor nutrition and significantly boost your work productivity?

The answer is pretty simple: make smarter food choices. Go easy on the junk foods and try to slowly remove them from your daily diet. Instead of grabbing for that bag of chips, choose healthy organic food items that can make a positive difference in how you function on a day-to-day basis.

Any food we eat influences various aspects of our life, including our physical wellbeing, mental health, and work productivity. Rather than looking at food as an escape, use it to your advantage. Practice good nutrition at all times and you will see a major shift in how you approach different activities at home and in the workplace.