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Warning Signs of Poor Windows Mississauga Installation

Warning Signs of Poor Windows Mississauga Installation

Published by Programme B

When you see these signs, know that your windows Mississauga installation was poorly done and take action as soon as possible.

If you are considering to replace your windows Mississauga, you should understand that your new replacement windows are just as good as the warranty the manufacturer gives you. The warranty is only as useful as the window installation. Many manufacturers are quick to give you a long window warranty, but one thing you should know is that if your windows are poorly installed, such manufacturers don’t honor such warranties. That implies you have to pay for the replacement cost, even after incurring another cost of replacing the same windows. That can be scary! So, the best way to avoid getting yourself in this situation is learning how to spot signs of poor window installation so you can tell your contractor to fix the errors immediately before you conclude the deal.

If your windows in Mississauga are correctly installed, they will function as intended and easily. They will also appear great from both inside and outside. If you spot any of the following warning signs, know that they were improperly installed, or they are getting old and starting to fail you. As such, you need to take action as soon as possible before they cause more damage to your home, and the cost of repair becomes too high.


  • There Are Gaps Between The Frame And The Sill.


If the right measurements of the windows are taken, it will fit snugly in the window opening. However, this is not the case if the windows Mississauga are not correctly measured and installed. So, if you spot gaps between the frame and the sill, that implies the windows were not accurately measured and installed. Check what the contractor offers in case of poor window installation and specifically measurement error.


  • Drafts and Water Damage.


One of the key purposes of installing your Mississauga windows and doors is to keep weather elements away. So if you find out water and air is getting into your home through the windows, know that they are not playing the role they are deemed to play. Drafts mean that the insulation of the windows is compromised, which means you are spending a lot of money on heating and cooling of your home. This is raising your energy utility bills. Some signs that there is water leakage in your home may include; bubbling wallpapers or paint, visible mold, pooling water, and bad odor. It is recommended that you act immediately when you see these signs as any delay could lead to more damage that can end up being too very expensive in terms of repairs. Mould can be harmful to your health also. 


  • Windows That Don’t Operate Well.


You expect to open and close your windows Mississauga without using a lot of force. However, this is not the case if such windows were poorly installed. Poorly installed windows tend to stick or in worst cases, fail to open or close. That can be demoralizing, especially when you want to open your windows and get a fresh breeze or expel heat from your room. If this problem is occurring just merely a week after window installation, then you should know that your contractor did a shoddy job. This is not something that you should ignore easily. So contact your contractor immediately to come and correct the error while the windows are under warranty.


  • Messy, Uneven Caulking.


The reason while you caulk around your windows Mississauga is to make them weatherproof, and it is supposed to completely seal your windows against not only weather elements but also air and crawling insects.

 While the bottom part is usually left unsealed to allow water to leak out, all sides of the window frame and the top should be caulked evenly. If the caulk is messy and patchy, then this shows the level of the unprofessionalism of the contractor and should raise a red flag. It will not be long before your windows become less energy-efficient, and your utility bills skyrocket. 


  • Fog between the Panes.


If condensation happens between your Mississauga windows panes, the problem could be a failed seal or a poorly installed window. If your windows were recently installed and this problem is occurring, call your contractor and have the work redone before it is late.