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Steps to Becoming a Successful Model

Steps to Becoming a Successful Model

Published by Programme B

Breaking into the fashion industry as a model takes perseverance and hard work. Gone are the days of being discovered in the mall or on the street. Today’s models must plan, prepare, and strategize to attract attention. To start the industry, follow these steps to become a successful model. 

Know The Market 

Modeling is like any other business⁠—it comes with a varied market that needs to be understood. A successful model knows popular trends and looks in a certain area. For instance, models living in an urban setting need to present sleek, sexy looks with dramatic hair and makeup, while suburban models should present a more natural look. 

Be willing to relocate to an area where a certain look is accepted in the market. Models also need to research auditions and know exactly what scouts seek. Auditions can be for petite or plus sizes, specific fashion trends, or targeted marketing for natural living, city trends, or cosmetics. 

Find A Great Agent

Getting signed with an agency is important for finding work. Look for a quality agency that understands a model’s personal needs, gives encouragement, and never asks for money. Take time and research several agencies to ensure they are legitimate. Unfortunately, scams do exist, so doing this research before you apply is highly recommended as it can save you a lot of hassle later down the line.  

Ensure that the agency you are attracted to can be easily verified, an elite agency service should make it easy to look into reviews and client testimonials, and should have no issues in doing so. It is vital you check and see if the current roster includes models with similar looks and stats, and what kind of brands and companies they work for. When vetting an agency, these are just some things to consider that can help an aspiring model decide if an agency is a good fit.

Get Professional Headshots 

Professional headshots are a must for anyone trying to break into the modeling industry. Agencies are interested in natural headshots that have no photo-touching, minimal makeup, and simple hair. Agents want to see models in the raw to see the potential for transforming and adapting to a variety of looks. Companies like Christopher Todd Studio are really great for this kind of thing, you can have headshots here that are simple yet capture your best features to give you the best chance at being cast as a model.

Develop a well-rounded portfolio containing high-quality images that showcase strong points. Have a digital portfolio that can be sent out and a physical print portfolio for in-person meetings. Displaying a digital portfolio on a professionally designed website is a good way to gain exposure and build a social media following. 

Shop around for a website designer who knows how to use the latest tools, techniques, and strategies to drive traffic to the website. Advan Design is a small team of talented graphic designers, web designers, and developers who provide high-level design, creative, commercial photography, and marketing at high-value pricing. Clients who choose to work with Advan can work directly with the creative staff to build the perfect website that fits individual needs. 

Prioritize Your Physical Health 

Anyone aspiring to become a successful model must remember that it is an aesthetically-driven industry that prioritizes beauty and appearance. Even models gifted with incredible genetics must follow a fitness and beauty routine. Make the most out of genetics by caring for skin, hair, body, and health. Fashion models must adhere to strict height and weight standards to work. A disciplined model constantly drinks water throughout the day, doesn’t smoke, barely consumes alcohol, gets regular manicures and hair appointments, and hits the gym five days a week. 

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Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels