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Tips on Finding The Right Timecard App to Track Your Employee’s Time

Tips on Finding The Right Timecard App to Track Your Employee’s Time

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For the last few months, I’ve been working part-time in the mornings at an occupation that requires a timecard. However, my pay varies with certain activities, and we have a lot of employees. What a nightmare it must be for our boss who has to tally it all up every two weeks. 


The Best Timecard Apps


With this helpful list, payroll supervisors in any field can get assistance from the latest technology in time-punching mobile apps. Now, the boss man or woman can keep track of hours and payments owed to employees with ease, right from their phone. 

Reduce cost with a time tracking app

Payroll gets expensive. And the process of keeping timesheets for all employees is time-consuming and costly. No matter which industry you work in, timesheets and payroll is a hassle that can always be made easier. Especially when you’re in charge of payroll, you’ll see how unreliable some employees can be when punching their timecard in or out. Employees who simply forget to clock out of their duties for the day can mess up payroll severely. 


New payroll software can be very expensive and includes monthly fees. Costing your business money just isn’t worth the benefits of these software programs. Why not try an app that allows for quality time tracking systems without breaking the bank? When wavering back and forth on when to make the switch to a software program for keeping track of employee hours, consider something you and your employees can do right from your phones. 

Help remote employees clock in and out with ease

Office payroll is difficult enough to manage. If you add in remote employees to the equation, it can be nearly impossible to keep it all straight. With no physical way of proving that these employees from another location are working, timesheets are almost useless in this case. You simply have to be trusting that the employees are getting the work done in an efficient manner, which makes the hiring process more time consuming as you search for the most trustworthy individuals. 


Fortunately, many timekeeping apps will also keep track of remote employee activity. Along with keeping a careful record of their clock in and clock out, many of these apps can actually keep track of their actual activity. With these apps at your disposal, you’ll not only be able to easily keep track of their hours, you can also ensure that they aren’t spending these hours on non-work-related activities. Your financial benefit will, therefore, be twofold. 

Track time on a master timesheet

When everyone is tracking their own hours, transferring it all into one master database to create a payroll plan can get very confusing. But mobile apps make it possible to sync each employee’s hours into one main page, where each is visible, laid out, and tallied up. Each employees’ hours will be displayed on one page, and the supervisor can even sign up for push notifications to alert him or her when employees are recording hours.


No matter what size the business is, payroll allotted automatically will save time and money. When employees are logging hours, the supervisor might not have any idea of how many hours will need to be paid at the end of the month. When you can stay updated on who is tracking how many hours, you’ll be prepared for the end of the monthly payouts. Staying on top of who is nearing their hour limits using payroll mobile apps can help save more money than you can imagine. 


Payroll mobile apps will create a more profitable and convenient workflow for businesses of any size. 

Photo by Miftah Rafli Hidayat from Pexels