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Really Important Kitchen Design Tips You Should Know

Really Important Kitchen Design Tips You Should Know

Published by Programme B

Redesigning your custom kitchen cabinet is not at all something that is simple. There are countless things that go through your mind and you need to make some really smart decisions if you want to end up with something that looks stunning. This is why you absolutely need to know the following kitchen design tips from plumbing Queanbeyan specialists. 

Always Think Ahead

Function needs to be put first when you work on your kitchen. There is absolutely no perfect kitchen shape. You choose shape based on your desires. This includes L- or U- shaped kitchens and galleys. No matter what you choose, you want to be sure that your cooktop, fridge and sink forms a perfect triangle. Make sure that there is under 6 feet of space between these elements so that movement is as easy as possible. 

Don’t Forget About Storage

One of the huge mistakes people make when they plan their kitchen is that they do not think about the much-needed storage. Every single cranny and nook need to be investigated. Overhead cabinets should reach the level of the ceiling so that no dust collects. Then, deep drawers allow really easy access to your pans and pots, with extra for appliances that could clutter up the countertops. 

Be Extra Careful With Lights

The kitchen is different than other rooms because overhead lighting is never actually enough. You need to have a light placed so that you can see when you cook. If it is just present behind you, a shadow will be created. Position your lights so that light falls right in front of the person that cooks. Under-cabinet lights are actually preferred because they can shine right on the countertops. 

You Need More Power

In a kitchen, you need appropriate power sources as new appliances are relocated. This is something that people tend to realize when it is too late as they do not have electric or gas lines for what they want to install. You might also want to measure your appliances so that you are sure the fit is comfortable. If you need to repair, replace or install additional electrical outlets, you should contact a qualified electrician. You can view website for more information.

Add More Counter Space

Having way too much space for your counters is not a bad thing. You need to choose surfaces that you can easily work with and also easily take care of. Just remember that grout put between your tiles is not easy to maintain. Also, stainless steel can so easily scratch. 

Safety Is Really Important

The kitchen needs to be really family-friendly and safe. Plan for really good visibility to play areas as you stay in a cooking region. Also, think about safety-conscious elements like rounded countertops, ovens put at adult height and slip-resistant flooring. Think about various different possible kitchen accidents and plan for them. 

Trash Planning

Never forget planning for your recycling and garbage bins. Built-in bins can easily be disguised behind cabinet doors or stainless-steel containers positioned right out of your way.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen design is something that can be complicated but the tips above can surely help every single homeowner out there. If you have doubts, just talk to a professional interior designer.