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Who doesn’t want to leave their hectic day to day routine? Obviously, everyone does want to go on a trip that they have always dreamt of and wished for. To travel the world whether a trip to Bora Bora Island or just to have some fun on Fraser island tours. You need to start by selecting your desired destination first, which can include beaches, mountains or northern areas. Picking the right destination can help your trip to workout successfully. But, take no offense that traveling can be full of problems and hurdles telling you that nothing comes with zero pain, so neither does an exciting vacation trip. Even though with all the early planning, fun and enthusiasm, things can always really go wrong on any occasion. You can lose your luggage, get mugged or even miss a connecting flight putting your entire trip into disarray.

Further, even with all the careful preparation and planning traveling problems can crop at any time and at any place. One of the most common is the delay in the flight timings. These unexpected delays of flights can ruin your entire mood and excitement in seconds developing extremely stressful conditions. Similarly, an issue that is mostly being emphasized during the traveling time is of miscommunication with the authorities. If you have traveled before, then you may be familiar with the woes of miscommunications. The line “sorry sir, he didn’t get you correctly” is the most common one than any other while traveling to some new place. Well indeed, no one said that traveling would be easy after all. 

Not only these, but there are many more problems faced by people while they are planning a trip. 



Losing your passport or other important documents can really get you on the hook at that particular moment. When you search your pockets or look around for it and still don’t find it, you then find yourself completely helpless and totally confused. At that very second, you will feel nothing but panic. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do about it rather than rushing toward the embassy for the replacements. To avoid any such trouble, you can make some extra digital copies of your very important documents before leaving for the trip. 


Whether you are booking a flight to your forever dream destination, or a luxury two bedroom hotel suites to stay in, you always have to double-check. Delayed flights are the real turn-off. Of course, nobody likes to wait at an airport for hours for the flight to take off, especially when they are out on their exciting and long-awaited destination trip. Booking the flight is the first challenge that you have to come across for a fun trip.

These booking options also include “the hotels” that you’re going to stay in. Many times, even after all of your hard work for getting yourself the best hotel for the vacation, you end up being disappointed once you get there. You’re not going to like watching three cockroaches crawling under your very bed.   


Instead of searching the entire google for what’s best to wear on a vacation trip or what beaches are not really kids friendly, go to a friend, consult a frequent traveler or get the information from a travel agent. The Internet can only help you with basic and calculations, but can never release your stress out of you. Reading long travelogues to avoid stress while planning for the trip may not really help. Search for travel groups on social media sites for the places you want to visit and drop some queries for reasonable feedback from the natives or a tourist who have recently visited the place.  


No matter how many journals, folders or label marks you use for the detailing of everything to keep a perfect track of your destination, you can never really get to look at it twice. All that hard work will be simply of no use literally. Because once you’re at your destination, you will have no time for looking into your creepy paperwork. So don’t bother yourself getting into a headache like that. 


Always, always, always research everything about the place you’re planning to go to just to have a general and overall idea of the cost of living and spending a month or 15 days there. Because you seriously don’t want to run out of money in the middle of the vacation or do you? 

It’s obvious that many unexpected things can happen (emergencies) during your fun trip, so don’t even think of going without any backup money. Or else, this can get you in a lot of trouble. 


Too much information can cause confusion therefore when there is plenty of information available on the internet and guide books, it always becomes a problem for one to choose the best holiday destination. Thus, it is very important while preparing information for the trip to avoid fragmented and complicated information and go for a general overview of the place. 


Well, don’t just pack everything you have in your wardrobe. Here, the biggest problem faced especially by women is, they really don’t take enough hygiene products with them. Try packing less but cool and comfortable wear and in the right amount. Such as a pair of jeans and a few stylish wrapped tops, you are good to go. To avoid any chaos or over-packing panic, keep your essential clothes in a bag pack or a hand carry only as hope that you don’t want to drag your huge luggage everywhere. 


Don’t get fooled by the weather while planning a trip. You know that a good mood is replaced by tense emotions with impending bad weather so in order to have a pleasant vacation, organize your trip according to the weather updates. 

No matter where you go, the weather will directly relate to emotional stability. Thus, before planning to go through the weather forecast of that place, find favorable visiting dates to avoid problems like packing unrelated clothes and experiencing a meltdown from the scorching heat or freeze because of cold winds. 


Not paying off bills before planning and leaving for vacations can become a great problem for you. Similarly, if you forget to set up an e-bill system and still follow the conventional billing ways – it can really cause a lot of trouble. This problem gets out of the hands if you are planning on staying on for more than a month.  Therefore, it is better to activate your personal online portal that can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world. 


While busy planning the exciting trip, people usually forget about their precious health which will cost them huge trouble when they experience a medical emergency abroad. Because of this reason, avoiding travel insurance is not really a good option as you never know what might happen next.


Calling on a vacation trip is great, but not keeping the most common problems in the mind during the preparation can cause you a lot of trouble. Make sure to have all the important information at hand as you’ll be needing them for a smooth, fun and comfortable experience. Keep all your documents safe and secure in a file with extra copies of them stored in other safe places. See reviews and talk to avid travelers to book the right flight and hotel for a good and happy journey. Finally, automate all your bills so you can just pay them off online at the right time.

Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels