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Have you ever realized that the makeup brands you use and admire so much maybe testing their products on animals? Do you ever wonder how many animals are abused to check your favorite shade of lipstick? It doesn’t matter whatever social responsibility drives they conduct. They are killing animals by torturing them and abusing them by testing their chemical on those poor animals which are the worst thing to do with any living being as a human.

Cruelty-free makeup is a new trend that is against animal killing. One should not only support this campaign but follow it wholeheartedly. Buying cruelty-free makeup is not only beneficial for animals but it also has other benefits. Animal testing should be banned because animals’ rights are violated in the name of testing and many animals are being killed due to toxic material being tested on them.

Today finally many people are speaking about it and many brands have switched to cruelty-free makeup. Many beauty bloggers and famous personalities have turned towards a vegan lifestyle and are standing in against animal harm. But still, many brands continue to test on animals and people buy those products and there is no one to stop them. Animal testing should be declared illegal all over the world and not only in just a few countries.

You should be aware of the brands which do not perform these inhuman activities and make people aware of them too. You should research the makeup brand that is against animal testing and be very careful when buying such makeup. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy cruelty-free makeup. It is good for you too. Consider the following facts and info to alter your makeup habits and brand selection 


Healthier: Cruelty-free makeup is found to be safer than conventional products. The reason is that they are experimentally proven to have harmless ingredients as compared to makeup products tested on animals. The manufacturers of cruelty-free makeup care about animals and human beings so they will not put any ingredient, such as Parabens or sulfates, which will damage your skin.


Affordable: If you explore the market, you will find that many cruelty-free makeup brands are pocket-friendly. There are many makeup brands out there who are affordable and will not cost you a leg.

Cleaner: Cruelty-free makeup brushes are way cleaner than other brushes. Brushes made from animal hair might have bacteria that cannot be seen. No matter how much you clean them, they will still be there. Makeup brushes made from the animal are even harder to clean.


Cruelty: No matter what justifications the brand gives to support testing on animals, it is wrong on every level. Testing your wrong products on animals is more like torturing them to death.

We must abide by the saying that “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. When you will support cruelty-free makeup, you will be a part of the change. People will follow you and most of them will start looking for cruelty-free makeup. So for a society to change, you should initiate the change.


Easy to find: Cruelty-free makeup products are easy to find. You will find the alternative of cruelty-free make up right next to makeup products which have been using frequently and unknowingly. Most of the outlets do not have makeup which tests on animals.


Satisfied conscience: You know this goodness comes naturally when you do something good. You feel proud of yourself realizing how bad it was to the environment. You can create a big impact just by boycotting brands who test their products on animals. This big impact will make you feel satisfied and internally you will be happy to do something big.


Budget: There are very fewer makeup brands that are proved to be cruelty-free. So you have fewer options to buy from. This way, your drawers will not be overflowing with makeup products that you do not use.


Animals: Animals like dogs and mice are not made for the brand’s product experimentation. They are badly abused and are tortured to death. Just to earn money, they test on animals who cannot claim their rights. This cruelty must not be tolerated at any cost. It is a sin to torture any living thing in any society in this world.



These are some of the reasons why you should start buying and using cruelty-free makeup. There are many issues in society and all of them are created by humans and their selfish nature. It is impossible to play the part in almost every issue going on in the world today. But one can play a part where they can easily and effortlessly. This change is benefitting you in return. It is not only limited to makeup but also skincare, house cleaning products and whatever product is first tested on animals should be boycotted by every adult, teenager, man or woman. It is the responsibility of a citizen to serve the Earth. Those little animals are unable to stand up for their rights but together you can fight for those little creatures who harm no one. It is you to decide which side you want to go to. Together you can bring a change in this world. By standing for such campaigns, the world becomes a better place to live. It will restore your faith in humanity. There will be someone to speak for animals since they cannot stand for their rights. Whether you replace your products for good skin, healthier appearance or to support animals, you must do it. Start from today and spread the word.