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Brewery Business 101: Primary Things You Must Know in Choosing This Craft

Brewery Business 101: Primary Things You Must Know in Choosing This Craft

Published by Programme B

In the year 2018, more than 7,450 breweries were constructed in the United States. The numbers of the industry are higher than the historical record of 4,131 in 1873. This crowd demand makes the craft beer business a fruitful business tactic that anyone can start with.


Something exceptional had happened between 2008 and 2016 that resulted in the establishment of more breweries. Due to the increased numbers of industries, the population of workers also grew by 120 percent. Just ten years later, the number of brewery workers grew to 70,000. However, the prices had increased to nearly 50 percent. 

Unlike the men’s watches enterprise, globalization and technology somehow don’t affect the conventional way of making beers. Today’s beer industries need more human workforce to make barrels of beer than technological machines. 

The brewery is a highly capital-expensive business that needs additional requirements for permission. You have to consider the necessary factors before you start. But if you are passionate about this craft, you can win the struggles along the way. Here are some of the advisable way to get you started:

Permits and Requirements for Legalities

You have to apply to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for the federal brewing permit. The process often takes four months, according to Derek Allen and Matthew Cordell. The application for the license is available online, and it is advisable to apply using online services to save more cash that you can use for other legal requirements.

Equipment Expenses

The total cost of your brewing equipment highly depends on the size of your planned brewery. Usually, the smallest capacity of equipment run to $100,000, and almost $1,000,000

for a larger brewery. For Leonard Kolada, the founder of Smokehouse Brewing Corporation, you should up to 50% higher if you think that the entire expenses of your equipment will cost extra. 

Location and the Size of the Building

Your brewery may depend on your site and the building’s size. For example, when you sign a lease, you have to consider paying the first month of the rental fee with a deposit. Additionally, you have to focus your attention on the construction of the facilities to make it suited for the brewery.

Brewery Design

In terms of the design, you should consider factors such as life-safety measures and building codes. Hence, you should hire an architect that knows all of these primary factors. The architect will assess the whole designing process that promotes the safety of the workers and of the customers. The secure workflow will ensure your long-term engagement with the business.

Belgium’s Beer Culture

In various communities in Belgium, the brewery is a massive part of their heritage. Throughout their history, beer has been an essential part of their festivals, especially in the 80s. Most of the beers are widely used for cooking and serve as a pair for complimented foods.


In terms of food and beer pairing, Belgium is placed at the top of all the countries. With the beer’s various texture and flavor, it can be the best pair of overwhelming delicacies like smoked bone-marrow mousseline and kimchi-spiked asparagus.


Aside from being taught inside the home, making beers in Belgium can also be transmitted by master brewers who are specialized in the course. The country also supported training programs in public for young entrepreneurs who want to be part of the country’s brewing culture.


With its historical context that influences the culture of today, the brewery has created a big name in the business industry. There are hundreds of people who became millionaires because of their chosen craft. With patience and passion, anyone can start with their own small brewery business and make it grow.