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How you can save water in your Garden

How you can save water in your Garden

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The water-saving in the garden is very important as in the house. The rainwater collection, mulching, and planting of drought-resistant plants are helping in shrinking your sprinkles. There are actually two main reasons for saving water. The first one is you can save a lot of money if you save water. The second one almost 70% of the water at the home is using for the garden so the excessive use of the water can cause water pollution. In this article we are going to guide you with the help of these six ways, with the help of you can easily control the water.

1 Check your Garden Soil

For improving the structure of the soil you need to add the organic materials, so how the moisture retain in the soil. Mulching the flowerbeds around the trees, plants, and shrubs can also prevent the moisture of the soil. The mulching of the surface of baskets can also prevent the moisture. Provide the water in such a way that it just moisture the soil.

2. Water the garden punctually

There is a misguiding between us that if we water the garden in large amounts it will grow rapidly which is 100% wrong. If you water the garden in a large amount then it will not only the waste of either as well as you are damaging the garden. So never the water the garden over. The best way of watering the garden is to make sure the garden is dry if the garden is already moisturized then don’t need to water. If you have the clay soil in your garden then maybe it feeling damp either it is irrigated or not, else there is sandy soil and it shows dryness then in this situation you need to watch your plants and check are the plants start showing the water stress signs. When the leaves begin changing the positions and color, then it’s mean you need to water the garden immediately. Once you water the garden then mulch around the trees and plants so how the water can be preserved for long.

3. Use the Right Amount of Water

The amount of water depends on the type of soil in your garden. The light sandy soils required more water as compared to heavy soils. The clay soil does not require the water frequently, but when the clay soil wants it consumes a large amount of water. There is society the Royal Horticultural has proposed the rule that for plants early growing 5.2 gallons per 10 sq ft or 24 liters per sq meter is enough for the 10 days. So you can say if you obey this rule then you need to water the garden thrice in a month. For watering the garden you should have the best water system in your home. The Irrigation of Victoria BC is the best water work irrigation in Canada.

4. Use Watering Techniques for your Garden

The following are a few techniques mostly using for the watering of the garden.

  • Seep Hoses – The seep hoses let the water to seep out from the hole. The seeps can be mulch or buried in the ground which prevents the moisture and avoids evaporation. This is how you can plant your flowers in the well-ordered rows and provide the support to the flowers to stay straight and strong.
  • Automated Irrigation System – The irrigation system allows the water to trickle or dip into the ground where you have planted the trees or flowers. With the help of this device, you can save lots of time, money and water. For the best water irrigation system, you can contact Irrigation Victoria BC. Before installing this system make sure the weather should be hot or dry.
  • Sprinklers – The most common technique is using for watering the garden. With the help of sprinklers you can cover the large area, but the drawback of this technique you can target the specific area.
  • Watering cans and Hoses – It requires really hard work but takes less time. With the help of these cans, you can cover the large distance and the best thing is you can even water the specific area with the help of hoses. It also helps to water the plant in deep.

5. Rainwater and reused it for watering:

Rain is the best source of water, but it is not a consistent source. What about if you collect the rainwater and use for watering the garden? Yes, this is possible. If you live in the dry area then you still can collect the 24k liter water from your rooftop annually. Of course, people are not collecting rainwater because for them it is useless. But if you are the gardener then it will be very useful for you. It is very easy to collect the rainwater you just need to divert the direction of rainwater and use the pipelines through which you can easily collect the water. You can also use the bath, shower, washing up and washing machine water for your garden and it is good for the garden, even you can buy the greywater from the market.

The detergent and soapy water can also use for the plants but make sure there is no bleach, dishwasher, salt or vinegar in the water because otherwise, it will toxic for your garden.

6. Plant the less water consuming Flowers

Some plants like palms, lavender, verbena, and mimosa do not require more water to grow. If you use these kinds of flowers in your garden then literally you can save lots of water. These flowers are really beautiful and have a sweet smell. 


All the ways for watering the garden and saving the water are mentioned after the high research and experiment. So if you are the gardener and want to grow the plants in your lawn more efficiently then you must use these steps for the greenery lawn or garden

Photo by Brayden Law from Pexels