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Tips to the proper use of BB cream on your skin

Tips to the proper use of BB cream on your skin

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Make-up is such a fun thing to play around with, whether you are going to a party, an office event, there is no harm in giving you the best chance to steal the show. Make-up isn’t about hiding your insecurities but more about enhancing your existing features. Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a constant dilemma of choosing between a minimal make-up look and a full heavy glam? If so, then this article might just be the ultimate answer to deal with such predicaments. If you are in a time crunch and are out working in the morning and have to attend a party in the evening, you want your make-up to stay in place all day while ensuring your make-up does not end up looking too cakey. 

The secret to a no cake face is having a smooth base. Foundation tends to oxidize and wear out throughout the entire day, which is why a better alternative to that is a BB cream, also referred to as beauty balms or blemish balms are typically lighter than the foundation and are an all in one cosmetic product. It can be used as a primer, a replacement of a foundation or a concealer. BB creams have the ability to smooth out your existing skin tone, thus evening out your complexion while also protecting your skin from UV rays (if it contains SPF). BB creams feel light on your skin and you do not have to worry about touching up like you would with your foundation throughout the day. Calling out all the make-up lovers! To ensure you make the most out of each use of your BB cream, here are some tips for the proper use of BB cream on your skin.


  • Skin type

The most important thing is to determine your skin type. Your skin can vary from oily, dry, and normal. You must know your skin type before purchasing a BB cream; every BB cream is formulated differently as per different skin types. If you have oily skin, consider buying a beauty balm that maximizes oil control and minimizes pores from producing more oils glands to ensure you have a smooth matte base throughout the day. Similarly, if you have dry skin, the good idea is to make use of moisturizer before your bb cream and then using an oil-based bb cream so that your make-up does not end up looking flakey and you have a luminous silk finish as a result.


  • Find your match

We cannot afford to take stress more on the fact of how important it is to choose the right shade of your BB creams, while most foundations tend to oxidize throughout the day. It is less likely for that to happen with BB creams considering they are more lightweight and less pigmented than foundations. A good trick is to swatch the BB cream shades a little above your jawline, rather than your wrist, as the skin on your face is more exposed to the sun than your wrist. You will then be able to find your perfect match. You don’t want to look too tan or too light, or worst scenario of all when your base does not match your neck, swatching shades are an excellent way to avoid that awkward situation.


  • Application

There are several ways you can apply your BB cream, depending on your skin type and what you think looks best, the application process can vary. You can consider dotting the product on your T-zone, cheeks, chin, forehead and nose and then blend it out with your fingers; you may want to work quickly as you do so as the product can dry up and end up looking streaky. The warmth of your fingers gives you a very natural finish and makes you feel like you have nothing on, it is recommended that you start with the center of your face and then blend out towards the sides and dot on more product if needed, this way you don’t have to worry about having too much product on your face.

  • How to blend

Most people or beauty gurus, in general, do not like the finish of blending with your fingers, even though most top models opt for this kind of technique as it looks very natural. However, if you too are not a fan, you can try dabbing a dime-size amount of product on the back of your hand and then picking it up with a damp beauty blender or sponge and blending it into your skin, the benefit of a beauty blender is that it looks seamless and is perfectly merged into your skin, thus giving you that ‘barely there’ feel. Another technique involves the use of brushes. You could use kabuki or blending brush by stippling the product on your face, do not swish the product as it will create brush strokes, instead just dab in circular motions. You can also first make use of a brush and then finish off with a damp beauty sponge for a seamless finish.


  • Be gentle around eyes

Whether you are using BB cream as a concealer or even as a base for your make-up, you have to keep one thing in mind, and that is to ensure your bb cream is seamlessly blended around your eyes. You don’t want the product to settle in fine lines of your skin and to make you way older than you are. Wearing BB cream under your eyes can conceal your eye bags and dark circles pretty well, the trick is just to blend it well, whether you use a damp sponge or even if you gently tap into your skin with your ring finger, both works well.


  • Cover blemishes

There is a reason why BB creams are also known as blemish balms. While BB creams double as a concealer, remember that you don’t need a ton of product all over your face to cover scars or blemishes. A better way is only to use more product when necessary. Start with a bit of product and then build your way up over areas where it is more needed to even out skin tone, cover hyperpigmentation, or even blemishes. Tap the product onto your blemish with the help of your ring finger and then finish off with a beauty sponge, so the blemish is taken care of properly.


  • Top with powder

Though it may not be necessary and especially if you have already bought a BB cream as per your skin type, you can omit this step entirely. However, if you suffer from extremely oily skin and your nose and T-zone tends to get very oily, usually even more in the summers. You can always apply some loose powder to areas that tend to get oily. Use a powder puff or even a brunch and lightly dust it over your face to ensure your skin stays matte and fresh throughout the day.


The Final Thoughts

BB creams are the perfect solution for your everyday wear. If you are someone who is really into the whole idea of a ‘no-makeup look’ and are fond of minimalism, then using a BB cream might be the smartest choice for you. You can proceed with the rest of your make-up look as you usually would. BB creams are just lighter and more natural-looking. You can always finish off with setting spray to ensure your make-up lasts all day long.