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Curvy fashion and plus size clothing are two concepts that tend to go together. Actually, style and elegance have nothing to do with the weight or body type of the person. We are all different. We all have the right to wear clothes that we look good and feel comfortable. That is why more and more designers and companies are betting on expanding their range of sizes. But when we talk about large size clothing categories, we also have to differentiate them.


If we take a look at the most popular stores, we immediately realize that there seems to be no consensus on the size at which the change is made. Many establishments do not work with garments beyond size 42. Others choose to include more variety in their stock and offer sizes up to 54.

Regardless of what stores want to impose or what the fashion world sometimes strives to achieve. The truth is that at the official level the clothes of large size or, special sizes are from the 48.

Having a large size does not mean, much less, having a health problem. Nor does it have to imply having to wear clothes that do not favor you or make you look older. Fortunately, within the world of fashion, there are also companies that are aware of this. In addition, they work with different categories of large sizes. So that everyone can find clothes that fit their body, their tastes and their style.


An investment in plus size bras NZ that fit well with your measurements can be the key to show all your outfits like nobody else. A bra of your size and panties that hold well without tightening will allow you to wear those garments that you like so much and at the same time be comfortable.

Not all bodies are equal and therefore not all garments are the same for everyone. If you have bought something you like and it is your size, but for any reason, it does not end up adjusting well to your body. Do not hesitate to take it to a professional to make the necessary adjustments!

To create your own style, remember to always choose garments that fit your size well, neither above nor below it. Not only will they make you feel more comfortable, but they will perfectly fit your body.

Within the categories of oversized clothing, you have a lot to choose from. Remember that the most important thing about a garment is that it makes you feel good. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you develop security. This security can be transmitted to others. If you want to try one of our tips on this curvy fashion … Enter our online store of large sizes.  You will discover the best models we have for you!


If you follow the world of fashion and trends surely in recent years you will have heard about curvy fashion or plus size clothing. This movement arose almost like something isolated. But the truth is that little by little it has become very visible.

There are already many models that add to plus size clothing. They are successful on the catwalk and have even paraded for important designers. That has traditionally worked with smaller and much less realistic sizes.

Although essentially “plus size fashion” and “curvy fashion” are the same, there is a certain difference. When thinking about large sizes, garments that are not too flattering usually come to mind. Thought practically to hide the whole body. They are usually designed with a little style and with very little appreciation towards people who have to wear a special size.

However, curvy fashion ends all these stereotypes. It gives a new meaning to the word style and offers us a multitude of collections. Including garments designed for bodies that go beyond size 44.


These are functional clothing collections, in which we can find garments for any time and occasion. From a suit tailor to go to work at the office to beautiful dresses to wear on special occasions. Without forgetting basic clothes such as jeans or t-shirts.

This fashion is committed to extolling the woman’s body with curves, for example, through summer looks. Not hiding them, but choosing fabrics, cuts, and designs that make the best of the body stand out, like a pretty neckline or a narrow waist.

All this without giving up the fashion trends of each moment. With great attention to the final consumer and their tastes. Offering clothes that make her feel youthful, beautiful, safe. But above all with confidence and really comfortable.



As we have just seen, the transition from large sizes to curvy fashion has been a relief for many women and an improvement in their quality of life. Now for them, the time to buy clothes of plus size is no longer an ordeal, but the pleasant experience that should always have been.

That curvy girls are in fashion is something that nobody denies anymore. A good example is that many cities already celebrate Curvy Fashion Models. There is nothing like this catwalk to realize that within the curvy pattern there is a wide variety of plus size clothing and body types.

Although large sizes and curvy fashion are often associated with overweight, the truth is that it is not necessarily so. There are women who are within what medicine considers a healthy weight. Because of their height and morphology but still, they will never enter a size 38, but use a 42, a 44, etc.

There are overweight curves and others that are at their ideal weight. There is also a lot of chests or with little, with cellulite or with bodies worked in the gym. Women and men are much more than a size and that’s why people typecasting is not always a good idea.

But the whole movement around curvy fashion has been very positive. Allowing to show society, especially younger girls, that you can be happy and look great regardless of your size and that weight should never be a limitation to do what you like.


If your body is curvy, we encourage you to look curvy. The important thing is that you feel good about yourself, no matter what others say or say.

We have said before that not all curvy-types have the same body. So, define well what your body type is to be able to choose the garments that best suit them.

Start the renovation of your wardrobe with basic garments that will help you build different styles. You cannot miss good jeans, a white shirt, tops, wide tank tops, leggings, and skirts.

We all need to have dresses that are versatile and serve us on different occasions. We do not always know how to choose the model that best suits our body.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels