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7 Best Online Businesses for a “One Man Show”

7 Best Online Businesses for a “One Man Show”

Published by Programme B

So, you hate working with people? Consider getting an online job. Better yet, launch an online business. You’ll be the sole employee and your own boss. And if you run it properly, it could turn you into a millionaire.

  But how do you get started? Consider any of these seven ideas. You can start cheap and build your way up the ladder with hard work and determination.

Start a Blog

Blogging is the first thing most people think about when they consider launching an online business. Sadly, 90% of new blogs fail within the first year. The reason is simple. Blog asks for a lot of hard work, and more commitment than most people are willing to commit.

So, before you think of a blog idea, be sure you are willing to invest time and resources to make your blog work. For starters, you need a plan to publish quality content consistently. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to educate, entertain or inform. 

The entire objective of blogging is to provide content that interests people. Once you get an audience, you can then think of how to monetize your blog. You could sell ad space, eBooks or sponsored posts. 

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves selling products you don’t own in exchange for a commission. You are like a salesman. But instead of earning a monthly salary, you get a cut for every product you help sell.

The primary requirement for becoming an affiliate marketer is to have a platform to promote products. That could be your Instagram page or a dedicated website. A social media page works great as a short-term goal.

But if you want to become a professional marketer, create a website. What’s more, choose a proper niche. There are three main niches to target in 2020:

  • Amazon partners—you promote products on Amazon
  • Information products—market videos, eBooks, tutorials and membership services
  • Online casinos—recommend people to join online betting and casino websites

Quick side note: there’s competition in nearly every niche. But depending on how smart you work, it’s possible to become the best affiliate marketer in your discipline.

Borrow ideas from successful affiliate marketers before you kick start your business. You could learn how to write marketing posts that work. Or you could build a site like Lioncasinos and give people a reason to want to stay on your platform. Of course, you also want to find out how marketers convert an audience into actual buyers so that you can emulate them.

Write and Sell eBooks on Amazon

Do you enjoy reading and writing? Consider self-publishing an eBook on Amazon. There are tons of niches to write on and millions of people to sell to. You just have to know how to do things right so that you don’t fail like most people do.

So, what’s the process? Read an online guide to help you understand how self-publishing on Amazon works. Then find a niche to write about. There are also Internet articles that can help you pick great niches.

By reading them, you can also get ideas on what to write about. Before you write, though, ask your friends or professionals to criticize your idea. Let them help you polish it up so that it’s unique and interesting.

Become an Online Tutor

If you are not good at writing but you can program java at an expert level, consider launching a tutorial about it. You could also become a digital fitness instructor, a language teacher or a parenting coach.

Irrespective of what you are good at, there’s a way to turn your knowledge into an online course. Websites like Lynda, Udemy and MasterClass exist for that purpose. They link experts with people seeking their expertise. 

Depending on what you teach, you could earn $9.99 per class to $1500 per course. Or, you could charge per session and earn up to $200 per hour. 

Of course, you want to focus on your content before you think about the money. Video courses work best these days, although you can reinforce your message with readable materials.

Create an App

We’ll be honest, creating an app like Uber and turning it into a multi-billion business isn’t a “one-man show”. You’ll need help from a web3 development company along the way. However, there are plenty of apps you could build and market on your own.

But like any other online business, validate your idea by consulting your friends, family members and professionals. Far too many apps fail because they offer nothing that is not on play stores. 

Again, some apps fail not because they offer nothing original but because they don’t work correctly. So, invest in excellent app development skills before you create your app.

Become a YouTuber

In this age of online videos, people spend up to ten hours per day watching YouTube videos. Statistically, YouTube is the second most popular website after Google. That means it’s a large business with millions of fans.

So, how do you get started? Choose a niche with an active community. You need an audience to succeed on YouTube. You also need great content to make your audience watch your vlogs consistently.

You could provide news, interviews or become an affiliate marketer on YouTube. The idea is to make people want your videos and market your channel in the process.

Start a Podcast

Podcasting is grossly underrated, considering some people make up to $30 million per year from it. Sure, most of the famous podcasts are run by celebrities. But it’s also possible to start a podcast without a fan base and make it succeed.

Like a blog, a good podcast starts with an idea. You could talk about sports, celebrities, music, science or politics. Naturally, you want a plan that sparks people’s interests.

Then you want a content strategy to help you know what to talk about each week. You also need a marketing strategy and a way to monetize your podcast.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels