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Seven rewarding professions for people with disability

Seven rewarding professions for people with disability

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Various people in the world are living with disabilities. Disabilities are also regarded as special needs. They could be divided into four major categories. Disabilities could be physical, developmental, sensory impaired, and behavioral. As per research in April, the unemployment rate of disabled people in America was 10.7%. In addition to this, various job opportunities are available for people with disabilities. The trend is changing. And the modern world is open for disabled peoples to pursue job opportunities.

Also, there are different disability employment services which are available for peoples with special needs. Generally, special needs are required for people who are living with disabilities. There are different kinds of disabilities. These people require extra care and special needs because they lack some features. However, some people with special needs do not have any disability, and they only require special needs to cope up with other people.

Professions for disabled peoples

There are various professions that people with disabilities can pursue. From pharmacy services to marketing and from vocational counseling to auditing, there are various fields in which disabled people are working. So let us look at some of the professions in which disabled people are working to earn a livelihood. So here you go with seven rewarding professions for peoples with disabilities.


  • Financial Analyst


A financial analyst is a competing and well-off job that a person can seek. People with disabilities can also pursue this field to earn a handsome amount of money. By the end of 2024, it is expected that there would be around 32,300 jobs available. So peoples with physical disabilities can easily pursue this field if they are qualified for the job role based on their academics. These are also different professions that are linked with financial experts such as an economist, financial advisor, and financial planner. So it provides vast opportunities to people with physical disabilities to get a good job.


  • Marketing


Marketing is a growing field. It offers various job opportunities. People with physical impairments can easily pursue this field. You do not even have to go to the office. As one can work at home with ease in this field. Marketing and marketing research is very broad, and if one is potent enough companies will approach him or her. This field is based on innovation and creativity. So if you have a creative mind no matter if you have physical disabilities, you can still earn a good amount of money. Average salaries for marketing managers are $147,240, while marketing specialists also make around $70,960. So it is a good and rewarding profession for people seeking a job but is hesitating due to physical disabilities. They can easily earn with just internet access. Because this is a digital world now. And digital marketing is the key to current and future success.


  • Pharmacy


Pharmacy is also a rewarding job role, and most of the individuals with physical disabilities can pursue this field. In recent times more hiring is being done in the field of pharmacy services for people with disabilities. Different ranges of salaries are also provided, such as pharmacists have an average salary of $123,670 while pharmacy technicians also make around $34,020. So it is a good job to approach. Also, disabled people can seek better opportunities as well as can gain experience that can help them in the future. So, if one is from a medical background, he or she can easily pursue this field to earn a living.


  • Photography and Designing


People with intellectual disabilities can easily pursue this job field. Due to intellectual disabilities, these people cannot function well in conceptual and social frameworks. But they can work in this field. Cause they are very creative by nature. So they can earn with their art easily. Also, this field is portable and flexible. So why not pursue a fun career with photography or with designing. It is a very broad field. One can go for graphic design or fashion designing. So it is quite suitable for females as well as for males who have disabilities due to which they have issues finding rewarding jobs. In this unique job, these individuals can see the world around in a perfect manner.


  • Teaching


Teaching is one of the most common professions. It is one of the best for peoples with visual impairments. It is one of the most compelling jobs for these individuals. Disabled people can work as teacher assistants or even childcare workers. They can also work in early childhood education. Also, these individuals can inspire younger people to grow. They can also challenge the imaginations of students that can help them to function effectively. Hence, it is a good enthralling profession for people with visual impairments to pursue. Also, it is a better profession as compared to others because it is one of the most respected professions in the world.


  • Performing Arts


Various people purse the field of performing arts. It is a good profession for people who are deaf or have hearing impairments. Deaf peoples have upheld to be good at acting as well as show production. So it is a quite handy job for these kinds of peoples. There are various roles in performing arts such as acting, movie production, as well as theatrical arts that disabled people can pursue.


  • Computer Programming


It is observed that people with intellectual disabilities, such as Asperger syndrome can flourish in this field. As they can focus and solve problems. They can be a valuable addition to a computer programming company. Salary rates are also higher in this field. Such as software developers make around $114,000 while computer programmers can make up to $89,580.  Hence it is a compelling job for peoples with intellectual disabilities. This field is also very wide. So one can pursue mobile app development or video game development. Or even software development. It is a growing field, so it provides more opportunities for people around the globe. It is a good and rewarding job for peoples with disabilities.

Wrapping up

There are various job roles in which disabled people can fit. Such as computer programming as well as performing arts. These people can also pursue teaching roles in educational sectors or even can work as a pharmacist. Also, marketing is a new trend that disabled people can pursue. They can also work as financial advisors or planners. And even people with impairments can earn a good amount of money in the field of photography and design. So it is up to disabled peoples to pursue the type of job role they are looking for.