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What clothes to wear according to your physique

What clothes to wear according to your physique

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We all have been to a stage of life where the dress looked extravagantly fascinating on the store window, but as we wore it, it looked awful on us. When clothes do not flatter us, it is not because we are not beautiful or any less attractive, it is because they do not belong to our body shape. For an elegant, glamorous, and hot look, your dressing should compliment your physique.

Perfection requires efforts. If you want to look like a beauty Diva, it is essential to select clothes according to the shape or size of your body so that the clothes fit correctly. However, most people follow fashion trends blindly, and this is the main reason for disastrous dress-ups. 

It is essential to wear clothes which suit your body. To feel more confident and comfortable rather than wearing the odd trendy style statements. You can buy clothes that will suit you by visiting stores, or you can check online dress stores for beautiful, elegant dresses.

If you think “what clothes to wear according to your physique” this article is for you because here you will get a proper guideline about body shapes and the dressing which will suit them.


Know your body type


  • A pear-shaped body


The pear-shape body is all about the lower parts. The upper body is slim, while the bottom of the body is slightly heavy. About 20% of women have this body type with a larger bust.

In the past, this body type was not appreciated much because of excessive weight on hips and thighs. People felt shame about it. But thankfully, Kim Kardashian flattered this body shape by her glamorous hot personality that people now feel happy that they naturally have this body shape. A lot of people are working hard to get those beautiful curves on their bodies.

The shoulder and arms of a pear-shaped body are narrow and sloppy while the legs and hips are broader, fuller, and muscular from the rest of the body.

Dressup ideas for pear-shaped body

Perfect dress up for pear-shaped body only requires to strike a balance between the upper and lower body. You can also wear clothes which can make the lower body more appealing. 

You can wear wider leg pants, skirts, or skinny jeans with loose formal shirts, crop tops, V deep neck shirts, boat neck shirts, or off-shoulder shirts. You can also wear beautiful dresses or gowns that have some patterns or bunches on the upper body area to create a balance. If you wear loose tops, they will create the Illusion of hourglass body shape.


If you have a pear-shaped body, then you should avoid wearing fitted tops with loose pants because it will make your body look more broad and bulky.



  • An apple body shape


An apple-shaped body type is opposite to the pear-shaped body since the upper part of the body is bulkier as compared to the lower part. About 14% of women have a bust a few inches bigger than the hips. An apple-shaped body type consists of slim legs and arms, but shoulders are quite broader, making the upper body look heavier.

The waist of this body type concentrates around midsection giving the waistline a more prominent appearance and protruding the stomach as well. If a person has a naturally smaller bust, then the waist area gathers more weight.


Dressup ideas for an apple body 

An apple-shaped body is heavier on the upper while the waistline is minimal. To make your dress look more appealing and captivating, you should focus on your lower body. You can wear a deep V neckline to give an elongated torso illusion.

The A-line or empire cuts seem to be the best choice for an apple-shaped body. You can wear printed dresses with pattern jackets, full sleeve shirts, or 3/4th sleeves dresses according to your preference. The dark colors or monochrome color theme of your dress will look more attractive and ravishing

Since the leg of an apple-shaped body are slim so you can wear loose palazzo pants, skirts, or flapper pants. If you have an apple-shaped body, you may have a more prominent bustline, so make sure that you select the right bra size. You should never wear extremely fitted tops with skinny jeans or figure-hugging dresses because it will give a broader and more rugged look to your shoulder and bust.



  • A rectangle body shape


Rectangle shape body is all about great balance from the shoulders to the hips. You don’t have any bulkier portions on the body.

Dressup ideas for a rectangular body

If you have a rectangle-shaped body, then your arms and legs are the beautiful assets, and you should work on them to enhance your overall look. Many dressing styles flatter a rectangle-shaped body. You can wear A-line skirts with any tops.

The fancy glittery gowns also work wonder for this body type. You can go strapless, sleeveless, off- shoulder, or wear any other sleeve design which you prefer. You can wear jackets with a fitted shirt or skinny jeans to give a bold look. However, You should avoid wearing overarching dresses.



  • An hourglass body shape


An hourglass body shape is the most well-balanced body type among all because your body has an equal weight from top to bottom, providing a well-defined figure. So it is imperative to select the best dress to do justice with your beautiful body.


Dressup ideas for an hourglass body

If you have an hourglass body type, then you should wear those dresses that fit right to your body curves and enhanced them more.

You can wear a deep V or a sweetheart neckline to flatter your upper body. You can wear skinny jeans or low waist pants to give a beautiful look. Whether you wear A-line dresses or a body-hugging dress, everything will work wonder for you. However, if you will wear loose tops and bottoms, your whole look can become a disaster.



  • An inverted triangle body shape


Inverted triangle body shape or athletic body type have broader shoulders as compared to the hips.

Dressup ideas for an inverted triangle body 

When you are selecting a dress for your inverted triangle body shape, make sure that you add definition to the hips and lower body. You can wear straight-cut pants, pencil, skirts, or skinny jeans. A-lines work wonders and give an Illusion of narrow shoulders. Make sure that you keep the upper body minimalistic and put efforts to enhance your lower body.

Final thoughts

Clothes play an imperative role in building a graceful personality. Everyone should be self-aware about their body types so that they can prevent themselves from dressing blunders. When you know your body fittings well, only then you can select the best dress for you and feel more beautiful and confident.