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Canada’s Online Gambling Stats and What they Mean

Canada’s Online Gambling Stats and What they Mean

Published by Programme B

A recent study by Research and Markets shows Canada is experiencing a drastic shift from land-based to online gambling. More and more people gamblers are choosing to gamble at the comfort of their homes using smartphones than traveling to a casino.

As a result, there’s an upswing in the number of online casinos that now welcome Canadians openly. Some even have servers in different provinces to improve their services.

That being said, here are some of the most essential gambling stats for the Canadian gambling sector.  

80% Male Players

Although women also gamble online, they lag behind their male counterparts by an enormous margin. That’s according to a recent study that shows 80% of online gamblers in Canada are men. 

It’s not a surprising stat, though. Men make up a significant portion of the gambling demographic in many countries. In the US, for example, more than half of all gamblers are men. In Britain, though, there’s almost an equal percentage of men and women players.

Surprisingly, studies also show there are differences in the games played by both men and women. Again, they also differ on the reasons for gambling. Here’s an illustration

  • Sports betting is men’s favorite way to gamble
  • Most women gamblers play bingo
  • Both men and women enjoy slots

Games Canadian Love

Sports betting aside, these are the most popular games on Canada’s online casinos:

  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Bingo

Needless to say, Canadians tilt toward the most popular games worldwide. Slots, for example, consists of 70% of online games in many casinos. Unsurprisingly, they are exceedingly popular in the Great White North.

Slots tend to be the simplest games to play as well. You don’t need skills to push a game’s button. Despite that, you would win thousands or millions of dollars on your lucky.

Poker, on the other end, attracts players who prefer skill-based games. It’s particularly popular with men although there are some extremely talented female poker stars also. Blackjack and the rest of the games either require strategic gaming or pure luck to win.

$400—Average Money Spent at Casinos Annually

Canadians spend upwards of $400 on casino games each year. That’s significantly lower than the $1200 Aussies spend and $800 for British customers. However, it gives casinos reasons to target Canadian players.

Most Canadians play casino games with the hope of winning money. A few have won $1 more, with at least one person winning $7.5 on the Mega Moolah slot machine.

With an annual average of $400, most Canadians gamble with money they can afford to lose. That means they prefer to bet $20 or less at a time, sometimes in a week or a month. 

Luckily, Canadian online casinos allow players to determine how much they want to gamble. As such, you could play $400 in one night if you want to or spend as little as $10 if you want to bet the minimum. 

90% of Casinos Give out Bonuses

Canadian online casinos love to give players bonuses, and you can’t blame them. Gamblers love free spins and betting credits because they help them save their real cash. 

But there’s one problem. Casinos have to make money. So, for a company to welcome a new player, they must have a way to recover the money. As a result, most casinos also have conditions for giving you these rewards.

For example, you might be required to deposit $50 to receive an extra $50 as a gift. Or could you be needed to login to your account on the weekend to active free spins. If you win money with the bonuses, expect some more conditions.

The best way to deal with bonus terms is to read them before you accept an offer. If you can’t read all the bonus policies, find a recommendation from a trusted review website. 

You’ll find an excellent online casino for Canadians quickly and save your time. You could also choose several gaming websites and decide which one is the best among them. 

95% of Software Providers are Foreign Companies

Most of the companies that supply games to Canadian online casinos have their headquarters in the US or Europe. It’s not surprising considering Canada’s gambling sector is still small.

However, most of these companies are genuine, licensed and well-managed. If they were not, people wouldn’t be winning millions of dollars playing online slots. For clarity, these are the software providers whose games you can play in Canada:

  • Real-Time Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • IGT
  • NetEnt
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Play’n GO
  • BetSoft

There are over 50 software providers. Some supply slots, others specialize in live casino games. A few offer a little bit of everything but most developers have an area of specialization.

When choosing casino games, it’s essential to know their developers. Some companies offer more entertaining and higher-paying games than others. On the other end, some providers have had incidences of partnering with unsafe casinos.

E-Wallets are the Most Preferred Payment Methods

In the real world, cash and credit cards are the most used payment methods. When it comes to online casinos, however, there’s a preference to use PayPal and other e-wallets

They offer excellent speeds and take exceedingly low fees. During deposits, for instance, an e-wallet deposit will display in your account directly. That way, you get to start playing your favorite game immediately.

E-wallets also come in handy during withdrawals. At the best online casinos, cashing out via Skrill, Neteller or PayPal takes as little as five minutes. By comparison, it takes up to ten days to get your money if you choose bank payments.

Of course, e-wallets also have some drawbacks. The biggest among them is fees. Payments to some online banking options can cost up to 105 of your money. By comparison, banks charge less than 2%. 

To Conclude

The online gambling sector in Canada is heavily male-dominated. But that may soon change as the industry continues to grow. Most players spend an average of $400 on casino games each year, but you could spend more or less. However, always research to learn more about a casino before you become a member.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels