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The Growing Impact of Mobile Apps on Businesses

The Growing Impact of Mobile Apps on Businesses

Published by Programme B

To stay competitive, companies have to be on top of the latest trends. These trends are constantly changing, but for the past few years, it’s been all about social media.

Marketers stress the importance of having a consistent online presence. They reason that social media platforms are great for allowing businesses to connect with their audiences.

In recent years, this focus on having an online presence is including mobile apps. Companies are using them to reach new consumers, create engagement, and boost sales.

Granted, it’s not essential for a business to have a mobile app. But, those without one are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the growing impact of mobile apps on businesses.

Why Businesses Are Adopting Mobile Apps

What’s so great about mobile apps?

They aren’t easy to create. Development can take up a lot of your time and resources. So, why are businesses willing to invest in them?

Some of the most compelling reasons are as follows:

They Don’t Know How to Make One

There’s no way around this: creating an app is hard work.

Some decide to take on the task themselves. But it requires a lot of time, commitment, and programming knowledge.

This leads many businesses to outsource their software development. Companies like Icreon can help them design an app that will fit their users’ needs.

Furthermore, businesses can ensure that by leveraging the expertise of professionals who are well versed in custom mobile app development Columbus, or indeed anywhere else in the world, their app is functional, as well as user-friendly.

They Provide Value to Customers

A good business should always strive to provide value to its customers.

An app is a perfect way to do this. A few examples include:

Creating a rewards program that encourages customers to keep coming back through incentives

Providing customers with an easy way to contact the business

Offering a good user-experience (making the app fun, engaging, informative, intuitive, etc.)

They Act as a Marketing Tool

Apps are one of the most underrated marketing tools out there.

For one, they easily integrate with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. At the touch of a button, users can share content from your company.

This is great news for business owners. When their customers have a good experience with a company, they can easily post it for their friends to see. This will spread brand awareness and encourage others to jump on board.

They also market in other ways, such as sending push notifications. These friendly reminders encourage your customers to take relevant action.

They Help Employees Work More Efficiently

When we think of mobile apps for businesses, we usually picture those meant for customers. They can give users relevant information, allow them to make purchases, etc.

But, customers aren’t the only ones benefiting from them.

Companies often develop a mobile app for internal use. When they download it on their personal or work phones, employees can use it to streamline their workflow. Through it, they can manage their projects, communicate with coworkers, etc.

The Pushback

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the idea that social media helps one stay competitive.

Not all businesses agree with this concept. This leads them to neglect social media altogether.

The same goes for mobile apps—not all businesses are on board.

Some businesses might write off the usefulness of an app. They may think to have one would be irrelevant for the kind of work they do.

The truth is, a mobile app is a practical option for just about every industry. It can be a great way to stay in touch with customers or make work easier for employees. 

An Individual Decision

While mobile apps come with many benefits, they aren’t for every business. Ultimately, whether or not a company should get one comes down to its unique needs. Do you think your business would benefit from an app? If so, it’s best to let the pros handle the design.