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Is Air Mattress Good for Back Pain?

Is Air Mattress Good for Back Pain?

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Back pain is an unpleasant and common health problem that does not let you play sports, sometimes it interferes with movement, as well as painful feeling complicates life. A poor-quality sleeping place that does not contribute to the relaxation of the spine is the source of most problems. Sometimes beds or sofas are at all dangerous. Inadequate sleep is another bunch of potential problems in everyday life: from drowsiness and pain to reduced productivity at work and some pathologies. An orthopedic mattress is capable of preventing and even correcting a problem.

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Professional Advice — What You Need to Know About Sleeping Mattresses

There is the best inflatable mattress for sleeping and swimming, this type differs in materials and properties, so sleep products cannot be used for swimming, they are heavier, more massive, and covered with velour material, which can’t contact with water for a long time. In the manufacture of sleeping mattresses, much attention is paid to orthopedic qualities and stability.

An air mattress for sleeping differs from an air bed in thickness and weight. The thickness of a standard mattress is 20-30 cm. It takes up little space when folded and is twice as light as a bed. Mattresses made of durable three-layer vinyl can be safely put on sand and ground, so it is convenient to take them on trips. When folded, the air mattress fits easily into a backpack or a special carrying case.

What is an Orthopedic Air Mattress

An orthopedic air mattress (or bed) is considered to be a high product with a special internal structure. As you know, conventional inflatable models are not able to adapt to the anatomical features of a person.

Understanding the problem, manufacturers are constantly improving the internal structure and the quality of inflatable products characteristics. Modern models with complex internal architecture have become much more comfortable than standard ones. They are equipped with special cylindrical inserts and string stiffeners. Thanks to such designs, manufacturers managed to significantly minimize the so-called wave effect.

The orthopedic effect is the ability of the product to precisely adapt to the anatomical features (contours) of the body, evenly distribute weight and provide support to the spine. Manufacturers of inflatable products managed to increase the level of rigidity but didn’t manage to provide full anatomical support.

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Sleeping on an Air Mattress: Effects on the Spine

Only a mattress that supports the spinal column in a physiologically correct position has an orthopedic effect. While sleeping, the spine should have a physiological bend. Orthopedic models on, made on the system of spring blocks or without springs are more elastic and rigid options. An air mattress does not provide a similar effect; the spine will not be relaxed when sleeping.

It is all a matter of physical processes, or rather, of internal content. The mattress consists of chambers filled with air, surrounded by foam and then a PVC cloth. Thus, it is impossible to create rigid support for the spinal column.

Orthopedic air mattresses do not provide the proper orthopedic effect, despite the production of sophisticated technology. A long deep sleep will cause back pain because the body will be in the wrong position. This is a great option for different life situations. An inflatable product can also be a perfect solution for organizing a berth in the summer residence.