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A Guide to Logo Philosophy: What Does it Take to Create a Great Logo?

A Guide to Logo Philosophy: What Does it Take to Create a Great Logo?

Published by Programme B

What’s at the heart of logo philosophy? What is it about a logo that catches the eye of your consumer? Learn about logo fundamentals in this blog.

Are you a designer looking for a simple process to create memorable logos? Do you want to know what it takes to create a great design or have you tried a meme editor?

From building the fundamental blocks to defining your brand, the process of creating your logo can be complex. However, the final result needs to be a simple and stylistic representation of your brand and business.

Don’t get stuck spending hours upon hours creating a logo. Use these basic logo design principles to quickly create stunning works of art. By creating your own logo philosophy you can hit the ball out of the park each time.

Read on to find out the fundamentals of creating great design when it comes to logos.

Logo Fundamentals Lead to Great Design

We can’t go into the details on how to create a stunning logo in one article, to do that you will need to spend time brainstorming what your brand stands for and how you want to convey this to the world.

Your logo is your first impression with the rest of the world. Your end goal is to be as recognizable as the Nike swoosh or the McDonald’s golden arches. To create great logo designs like these, you need to be unique and you need to know your brand identity. 

Create Your Own Logo Philosophy

What do you want to convey with your brand identity? You can do this through your brand colors and fonts. Can you describe your business and brand as feminine and flirty or bold and geometrical? Are you formal and academic or fun and casual?

Before you can start to create a logo for any project, you first need to define your logo philosophy. Great design starts with the descriptive words brainstormed from the above questions and more.

Once you know how you and your audience would describe your brand, then you can start to brainstorm a great design for your logo.

Great design is simple and memorable. You don’t want to get too detailed when it comes to your design. Again think about our examples above, you pictured them with hardly any descriptions on our part. 

Know Your Brand and Basic Logo Principles

As you build your brand stick with these great logo principles of simple and yet memorable. So, whether you’re still learning the logo basics, or creating dozens of logos for clients, use the basic logo principles to create your building blocks.

The building blocks to any great design is to know your brand, what you stand for, the words used to describe your business, and your colors and fonts. Once you have these elements, and your logo philosophy is fully developed, then you can quickly make a logo that will stand out and be memorable while also standing the test of time with its simplicity.

Catch Your Customers Attention With a Memorable Logo

Making great design quickly doesn’t come easily to most. Before you can start to design your logo you must first define what you want to convey through your brand.

Creating your brand first will allow you to create an amazing logo that is instantly recognized by your greatest fans. Your logo philosophy will guide you in all the rest of your branding and creativity questions.

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