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5 Great Outdoor Father’s Day Practical Gift Ideas

5 Great Outdoor Father’s Day Practical Gift Ideas

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With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s the right time to plan the right gift for dear ole’ dad. Sure, you could buy him another shirt, cologne, or watch, but it’ll be more worthwhile if you think outside the box. Of course, finding a gift that your father will love can be challenging, especially if he’s a practical person. 

#1 Lawn Chair 

If your father loves spending time on the patio where he’s relaxing, sipping on his drink, and watching the birds, then why not get him a new lawn chair that’s stylish and comfortable. If you’re on a budget, then you can get the synthetic or metal outdoor chair. Otherwise, you can buy a wooden chair. For extra comfort, opt for the reclining variety. And if you really want to make this day, then consider getting him a hammock. The eyesore may irritate your mother, but hey, it’s Father’s Day. 

#2 Lawn Sprinkler

Like many homeowners, your dad may take pride in his lawn. After all, a well-maintained lawn is good for the health of people living nearby, the environment, curb appeal, and the property values of the neighborhood. 

However, lawn upkeep isn’t easy. You must mow the lawn correctly, remove weeds, feed it fertilizer regularly, and water it in the right quantities early in the day. All this can be especially challenging for older citizens, especially if they have mobility issues. 

That’s why many people buy a sprinkler system that can automatically water their lawns as needed. Modern lawn sprinklers are also armed with sensors that prevent them from turning on while it’s raining. If you’re purchasing such a system for your parent, then it’s important to buy from a reputable company. For example, there are only a few reliable companies that can sell you automatic sprinklers in Toronto and offer excellent customer service. 

#3 Outerwear

Older people need to spend time in the sun to reduce their risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. However, they should do so with the right protection. UV rays can result in premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, eye issues, and even skin cancer. You can help your father stay healthy and look stylish when outdoors with the right Father’s Day gifts. Consider getting him a large yet comfortable sun hat, sunglasses that offer UV protection, and a suntan and skincare gift set for men in his age bracket. 

#4 High-tech Backpack 

Even if your father his technophobic, he’ll appreciate a high-tech backpack that he can use on his camping or fishing trips. The right modern backpack will be easy to use, waterproof, have space for his fishing or hiking gear, sunglasses, and carry LED lights. What’s more, he can even use it to charge his phone.

#5 Grill 

If there’s one thing many dads like doing, it’s grilling steaks and burgers outdoors. You can find the right type based on your father’s needs. If he spends more time around the house, then get him a larger one. If he likes spending time in nature with his friends, then get him a nice portable one for bragging rights. Share some great recipes to improve his health too. Remember, veggies can taste after a grill too.  

These are five great gift ideas for Father’s Day. With the right gift, not only will his life get easier, but he’ll remember you every day.