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How To Cook Chicken Like A Pro Chef

How To Cook Chicken Like A Pro Chef

Published by Programme B

Cookin chicken might sound like an easy thing to do to most people. But, keep in mind that cooking the perfect chicken isn’t that easy. When you cook at home, the meat might not be as tender as you expected. There are a few tricks that will help you cook juicy and tender chicken meat. So, read on and find out more!


Marinating is the key

If you don’t marinate the chicken meat, you are doing it all wrong. A good marinade will make the meat taste excellent, so don’t skip this crucial step. Be sure to soak the meat for at least 30 minutes, if you are in a hurry. If you want to meat to absorb the flavor nicely, you need to leave it for at least 6 hours. The more you leave it in the marinade, the more intense the flavor will be. You can also do it overnight, and have perfect spicy chicken the next day ready for cooking. 

If you like to do meal prepping and freeze chicken ahead, add some marinade in the plastic bag. The meat will absorb the flavor, and you will have it ready to go in the oven at any time. 

If you want the meat to be extra tender, soak for a few hours in beer brine. The chicken will be juicy and have an excellent flavor. 

Don’t remove it too soon

Never remove the chicken from the pan immediately after cooking. You should leave it for a while so that the meat absorbs the released liquids. This will give it extra flavor. 

Use the right spices

No meat will taste good when plain. You will need to add a variety of flavors to enhance the taste. Despite for salt and pepper, consider other options that go perfectly with chicken. Garlic powder will add extra flavor, while dried basil will lift up the flavor. Paprika and oregano will do the job too. You can use a different mix of spices every time you cook so that you can find your favorite one. After all, experimenting in the kitchen can be pretty fun. For strong flavor, you can also try store-bought seasoning blend or coating for chicken.

Bake in foil

You might see many people cooking chicken in aluminum foil. This simple step will make sure that the meat is evenly cooked. Also, it will keep the natural juices resulting in a tender piece of meat. On the other hand, the foil will prevent the mess during baking. And you won’t have to deal with greasy pans when doing the dishes. 

How to check if it is done

Many will cut the meat to check if it is cooked thoroughly. But, pros will advise you to use a food thermometer to check if the meat is cooked. Insert a food thermometer to check the temperature. The meat is perfectly cooked if it is 165 degrees.

Leave the skin

Never remove the skin from the chicken before cooking. It can prevent the natural juices from evaporating, so leave it when ti is baking. Once the chicken is ready and out from the oven, you are free to remove it. 

Use the leftovers wisely

Not everyone has the time to cook every day. But, you can always bake a large amount of chicken and save it for the following days. You can do so many recipes with leftover chicken, so feel free to get creative. If you reheat it, make sure that you close the dish to prevent the meat from drying. You can also consume it cold if you prefer. Shred the chicken and add into a salad, wrap a burrito, make a sandwich, or cook a simple pasta dish.