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Choosing the best bark control collar for your dog

Choosing the best bark control collar for your dog

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When you own a dog, you know that you are going to have to deal with some barking.

There are of course some dogs that tend to break into a bark more than others. There are times when barking can become a problem, especially when your neighbors live close by.

Although it’s p[ossible to teach a dog to stop barking on command. But would it not be better if the dog could be discouraged from barking at all?

This is where the best bark control collar for your dog comes into its own.

What are bark collars? 

As their name suggests, bark collars are created with the express intention of breaking a dog’s bad barking habit.

They are great during training but they also work when you can’t be around to instruct your dog to stop barking. That’s when a bark collar can do this vital job on your behalf. There is a small group of people who dislike bark collars for dogs, but they are a safe and effective way of stopping an unfortunate problem if they are chosen well and used properly.

Each dog is unique. You are hardly likely to know how your dog may respond to a new bark collar until you have started to use it. Some dogs react better to static shocks while others seem to respond better with collars that vibrate.

Large dogs are likely to need a deterrent that offers a higher intensity than most smaller dogs. Some dogs learn quickly while others take longer to come to terms with using a bark collar. The best pick for a dog collar according to many professionals is one that features a sensory system that is capable of detecting your dog’s particular tone of bark.

How they work

The bark collar should only emit a shock if it detects a vibration from your dog’s vocal cords along with the sound of the bark.

The best collars offer a range of different modes and levels of correction. They also should have built-in safety features that switch off the device if your dog barks a certain number of times within a specific period. It is also advisable to check whether the collar is waterproof, can be recharged, and has an adjustable strap.

Dog owners appreciate durability and adjustability when they choose a bark collar. It’s a good idea to look out for patented sensory systems, programmable modes, different levels of correction, waterproofing to a reasonable depth, and a rechargeable battery that will last for a good length of time. If the bark collar you choose has an automatic shut-off feature then you are onto a winner.

Beware of low settings that may be too high for your dog. Also, don’t choose a collar whose battery would take a long time to charge as you will find it too irritating and may give up on its benefits.