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Online Blackjack – Everything You Need to Know

Online Blackjack – Everything You Need to Know

Published by Programme B

Some card games are interesting to play because you have only one opponent – a dealer. No other players are sitting at the table – it is only you and a dealer. The lack of competition in the game makes it so popular among the wide audience of gamblers, and it especially refers to a single-deck blackjack. So what’s special about the game? What should you know in order to beat a dealer and bring money home? We will answer all these questions.

Specs of Single-Deck Blackjack

The main goal of a player in the single-deck blackjack game is to find a balance and end the game with the score close to 21 points. At the same time, you need to make sure that you do not exceed the limit and have no more than 21. To draw bets on the online blackjack sites available on the web, a large deck of 52 cards is used (with a face value from Deuces to Aces). The gaming process consists of several bets – all played one by one. Before the round of bets starts, the deck is shuffled by a dealer. And only afterward, you get your set of cards.

When placing bets and predicting the game outcome, it is important to remember that every card has a particular value, for example:


  • The numbered cards stand according to their face value;
  • The King, Jack, etc. bring 10 points to a player;
  • The Ace can bring either 1 or 11 points depending on a combination it makes.


So, if you want to succeed in the game of blackjack, then you know all the card values by heart and attentively control the game flow as we as a behavior of a dealer.

How to Play Single-Deck Blackjack?

When playing single-deck blackjack, the rules are as follows:

  • Since the game is associated with betting, the action starts as you get your set of cards and make your first bet.
  • A bet is considered the amount of “game currency” that a player bets with. You can make a bet by clicking on the face value and then click on the playing field. You can remove bids by clicking the “Cancel” button.
  • After determining the bets, a player presses the “Deal” button, which gives a signal to a dealer to deals cards.
  • For each bet, there are two cards, which means that both you and a dealer receive two cards after every round of bets.
  • All cards of the deck are dealt face up by a dealer; the second card of a dealer is closed.
  • You are free to stop the betting process at any moment and ask the opponent to calculate the points.
  • The one whose total score is close to 21 wins in the game.

There is nothing difficult about playing single-deck blackjack. All you need to know is the card value. If you have never played this game before, then we recommend that you do the blackjack test drive and play it with free chips. Only after you become confident in your actions, you can switch to real-money gambling.


Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels