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Football is one of the most loved sports in the whole world and has so many fans worldwide. As a result of this, it is amongst one of the highest sports that people bet on. Just like every other game, football has its strategies and betting types.

Footballbetting equally offers some level of betting flexibility which makes it quite fun. Betting flexibility is one of the things that make gambling fun and a term bettors need to get familiar with to succeed in betting on football games. When betting flexibility is being mentioned, it simply refers to the possibility of placing a bet on more than just a winner of a game. 

It is these different types of wagers that bettors can use in building their football betting strategy. There are many different types of football wager that players can place their bets on; point spreads, totals, Moneyline, and parlays, with the first three (03) being the most widely used.


Football point spreads

Point spreads is one of the popular football betting methods and here are some of the reasons why people love it:

  • Betting on even-money propositions is appealing
  • Point spreads are quite easy. 
  • Point spreads make betting on “lopsided” games more curious
  • The perception is that it’s easy to make money from point spreads

With point spreads, a bet on either team to win the game is as close to 50/50 shot as possible. 

The bettor does not place a wager on which team will win the game but the team that will be able to “cover the spread”. The chosen team has to win based on a particular number of points merit while the underdog has to lose by some number of points for the wager to the completely successful.


Money line

In most football games there is usually a beloved or favorite team and an underdog. Sometimes, there are games where the playing teams are the hearts of many and loved equally. 

Choosing to bet with Moneyline in a football game is simply wagering on which team can win the game. With this betting type, no point spread is included. Any team that the bettor chooses has to win fully so that the wager is successful; should in case of an unfortunate tie, the stake will be refunded.


Though they are referred to as totals, this kind of bet is preferably known as Overs/Unders as a result of their wager type. In fact, with the totals, the bettor has to wager of the score total to of the team to be; Over or Under the Totals Line (Number).



Judging from the different types of football wagers, bettors have the possibility of placing bets on different betting options and winning some cash. Bettors just need to master a strategy and watch games closely or study the team to know which team to always bet on in each game and the betting strategy to use to win.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels