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Welcoming A New Employee- What HR Managers Can Do

Welcoming A New Employee- What HR Managers Can Do

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The reputation of an organization not only depends on the way it serves the customers but also the way it treats the workforce. If you have a happy and satisfied team, you can expect them to promote your company as an ideal workplace. This opens the opportunity to secure the best talent out there and enhances your brand’s credibility as well. When it comes to employee satisfaction, a lot depends on how you treat your new hires. Going the extra mile to give them a warm welcome and make them comfortable right from day one sends across a great first impression. At the same time, it fosters loyalty and prepares the ground for lasting retention. Here are some strategies that HR managers can embrace to get the right start in this direction.

Reach out before the big day 

When you sign on a new hire, there is much initial interaction and communication. But things gradually slow down, particularly if there is a gap between the hiring and joining dates. In fact, you may go on a silent mode close to the first day. That’s not a good idea because the recruit could end up feeling lost or abandoned, which is a bad start. As an HR manager, you can go a long way in mitigating this risk by maintaining or at least reinstating contact before their first days. Have a chat on the phone or drop a mail to show your enthusiasm about them coming on board.

Have a welcome basket ready

Another good idea to extend a warm welcome for new recruits is to offer them a welcome basket ready on the first day. While it should have essential stuff like office supplies, business cards, and a handbook of policies and procedures, you can go the extra mile by including snacks and gift cards to make things more personalized. Also, hand them a welcome letter that outlines the basics of your company culture, rules and protocols, facts about dress code and daily schedules, and other details that would matter. The idea is to make them comfortable in the new space and new role as quickly as possible.

Be prepared for the welcome 

It is as important for the HR team to be prepared to have a new employee joining in as it is for the hire coming in. Assign an executive to be there for them and conduct all the onboarding formalities. Make sure that they know everything about the new hire, from their background to work experience, the position they are filling, personal details, and other relevant information.  Having the ultimate employee onboarding solution can also give you a winning advantage. It streamlines the process, reduces the workload of the HR team, and ensures a comfortable experience for the new employees. 

Get their team ready as well 

Apart from the HR managers, the team that the new recruit would be joining should also be prepared for the welcome. After all, you cannot expect them to experience a comfort level unless their colleagues are warm and welcoming. Let the team also know the details of the hire. Assigning a mentor and office buddy is also important to make things easier for someone who just joins. Insist that the current employees welcome the new ones with warmth and enthusiasm. Ensure that you cultivate this mindset in the workforce as a part of your workplace culture.

Create a schedule

The initial days at a new workplace are often the most challenging and stressful for the employee. HR managers can pitch in to help them with a schedule that streamlines their first day or week at work. While you create one, ensure that it balances the onboarding process with the actual tasks they are supposed to do in their position. With this system, your new hire will be able to integrate into the new environment while delivering productivity right from the start.

Set expectations for the future 

Apart from making sure that the employee blends within the organization seamlessly, setting expectations for the future is also important. The earlier you do it, the better they would be able to adjust. Outline what they will do on a daily basis so they are able to deliver. Involve their team leader as well because they are the ones who would actually do the fieldwork.

 A warm and hearty welcome on the new hire’s first day can have a lasting impact. This is something that every HR manager should take care of, even if it means taking out some time out of your busy schedule.