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5 Best Things to Do in Ontario: Tourist Guide to Toronto’s CN Tower

5 Best Things to Do in Ontario: Tourist Guide to Toronto’s CN Tower

Published by Programme B

Home to beautiful lakes and forests, vibrant cities, and amazing attractions, Ontario offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to explore its offerings.  One of the city’s most famous attractions is the CN Tower.

On Top of the World

Standing tall at a height of 553.33 meters (1,815 feet), Canada’s National Tower is an engineering wonder, award-winning dining and entertainment destination, and has been Toronto’s “must-see” attraction for tourists and locals alike for more than 40 years. The CN Tower is visited by more than 1.9 million people every year, who are enthralled by its breathtaking views and who want to experience all the CN Tower has to offer.

History of the CN Tower

One of the iconic Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the CN Tower is not only a Canadian staple, but it is also a symbol of Toronto. Constructed in 1976, the CN Tower was built by the Canadian National to demonstrate the strength of Canadian industry by building a tower taller than any other in the world. An ambitious project, building the CN Tower took the help of 1,537 workers and construction continued 24 hours a day, five days a week for 40 months to complete the structure. 

Interestingly, the addition of the CN Tower to Toronto’s skyline solved some communications challenges for existing transmission towers, which were simply not high enough to broadcast over buildings. Indeed, with its microwave receptors placed strategically on top of the Tower, people living in Toronto enjoy some of the clearest reception signals in North America. 

Today, the CN Tower is owned and managed by Canada Lands Company, a self-financing federal Crown corporation and a leader in attractions management and real estate development.  As the proud owner, Canada Lands Company is constantly striving for innovative ways to share the CN Tower with visitors from across Canada and beyond.  Canada Lands Company also manages some of the country’s other popular tourist attractions, including the Old Port of Montreal, the Montreal Science Centre, and Downsview Park in Toronto. 

Even with record-breaking attendance, leaders at Canada Lands Company believe it is important to innovate and offer new experiences to guests.  As such, Canada Lands Company unveiled a $16 million renovation in 2018 that has transformed the iconic landmark’s 1,300-sq. meter (14,000 sq. ft.) main observation level – The LookOut Level. Public consultation to modernize the CN Tower’s Outdoor Terrance Level and further enhance the guest experience began earlier this year. 

Floor to Ceiling Window Walls

The Main Observation Level, at 346 meters (1,136 feet), offers unparalleled views of the city with its floor-to-ceiling panoramic window walls, while the glass floor gives you a heart-stopping view straight down.  This viewing opportunity provides universal access for everyone, including those with mobility challenges. The CN Tower also boasts the world’s highest glass-floor paneled elevators and beautiful nightly light shows.


At 447 meters (1,465 feet) above the city, SkyPod is the highest observation platform in the Western Hemisphere, with a unique and spectacular view like no other.  Watch planes take off from the nearby airport or on a clear day, you could even see all the way to Niagara Falls and across Lake Ontario to New York State.


EdgeWalk is Toronto’s tallest most extreme urban adventure. This full-circle hands-free walk on a 1.5 meter- (5-foot-) wide ledge encircling the top of the Tower’s main pod is the world’s highest, at 356 meters (1168 feet) above the ground. EdgeWalk visitors are attached to an overhead safety rail via a trolley and harness system. Trained EdgeWalk guides are there to encourage participants to push their personal limits, allowing them to lean back over Toronto with nothing but air and breathtaking views of Lake Ontario beneath them.

114 Stories X 114 Storeys

The exhibit 114 Stories X 114 Storeys explores the facts and fiction behind 10 of Toronto’s best-known landmarks. A collaboration between the CN Tower and Toronto Public Library, the exhibit showcases the city’s diverse cultures and communities through stories and images of famous Toronto sites.  Visitors can find114 Stories X 114 Storeys on the Main Observation level.

Dinner with a View

The CN Tower’s own 360 restaurant, one of Toronto’s finest, features unforgettable food combined with a magnificent revolving view of Toronto more than 351 meters (1,151 ft) below. 360 offers market-fresh cuisine, featuring regional ingredients to ensure an incomparable culinary experience. 360 also features an award-winning wine selection of over 550 international and Canadian wines from its “cellar in the sky.” The restaurant is the recipient of several awards and a wonderful place to celebrate any special occasion. Elevation to 360 Restaurant and access to the Main Observation and Outdoor Terrace levels of the CN Tower following your meal is complimentary with the purchase of a prix fixe meal by each guest.

Viewfinder App

The CN Tower also offers a Viewfinder App for mobile devices.  The app features spectacular day and night 360-degree panoramic images of Toronto and surrounding areas.  App users can identify more than 90 landmarks.  The app is available in five languages so visitors from around the world can enjoy it. 

For visitors who are looking for the 5 best things to do in Ontario, the CN Tower should definitely be included on your bucket list, or at the very least, fulfill your dream of seeing the world from up above.