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Standing Desks: the Good and the Bad

Standing Desks: the Good and the Bad

Published by Programme B

You have heard so many times about this new trend: standing or height-adjustable desks. A lot of articles are written about their benefits. However, are they so good indeed? Are there any drawbacks connected with using a standing desk?

Let us check in detail.

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

There is no doubt that a standing desk, whether it is an adjustable corner table or an advanced workstation, comes with significant benefits:

  • It helps to reduce weight;
  • It contributes to elimination and prevention of back- and neck-ache;
  • In the long term, it is a great tool to prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and similar.

The improvement of health condition leads to the improvement of mood and, thus, to the efficiency increase. A standing desk seems to be a universal solution to all work-related issues. Moreover, it is a nice tool to boost the productivity of office workers. It is amazing, isn’t it?

However, nothing is perfect, and neither a standing desk is.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Yep, even the best standing desk has drawbacks. The very first disadvantage you will notice immediately: it is its price. Such items are not cheap. Though you shall agree that they look amazing. Considering that they are absolutely beneficial for health… however, are they so good indeed?

Many office workers complain that working at a standing desk has led to some issues. The most common problems are:

  • Pain in feet and swelling in ankles are constant companions of people who stand constantly;
  • A feeling of compression in the spine and, thus, back-aches;
  • Tiredness and fatigue that leads to headaches, bad mood, and productivity drop;
  • Finally, it was detected that people who stand suffer more from heart attacks than those who prefer working in a sitting position.
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Where is the truth though?


The Secret Is in a Reasonable Application

Even the best things can be harmful if you abuse them. If you like fruit but eat too much of them, you will feel sick, even though otherwise, they are highly beneficial. The same principle works with adjustable desks.

If you want your new height-adjustable table to bring pleasure from work, use it wisely. Interchange sitting with standing. Start with short standing periods, say, 20-30 minutes each. After that, sit down and relax.

Sitting alone is not exceptionally beneficial. A height-adjustable table is a perfect tool to do simple exercises such as push-ups, stretching, raising on your toes, and similar. They are good even for shy people, if you are standing at a desk, you can exercise so that nobody sees it.

A height-adjustable desk allows more freedom for movement. Walk around your desk, change the position from sitting to standing and vice versa. Move. With a standing desk, it is much easier to move more.

If you feel tired or discomfort, don’t stress yourself out, sit down, and relax. A standing table is aimed to bring additional comfort.

A standing desk can bring a lot of benefits if you use it correctly. Don’t overdo and pay attention to the signs that your body gives you.

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels