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Neufenster Windows: Bringing European Sensibility to Canadian Homes

Neufenster Windows: Bringing European Sensibility to Canadian Homes

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Those familiar with Canadian weather patterns know that they can turn on a dime. For this reason, having durable windows that can bear the brunt of varying climates is essential for most Canadian homeowners. For far too long, style and design were sacrificed in the name of durability.

Luckily, the increasingly popular European-style window offers versatility and durability, remaining stylish while combatting the forces of nature. Homeowners are turning to European windows like the ones from Neufenster Windows and Doors, as they are offered in a variety of durable materials like UPVC and aluminum. They are also customizable, which is highly desired in extensive remodels and new builds.  

European style windows are commonly called tilt and turn windows because they operate on a unique mechanism that allows them to open inwardly in two ways. They can be opened from the side like standard casement windows or can be tilted from the top, allowing for a subtler flow of air. The ability to open from the top is a benefit in Canada’s weather, where it is often far too cold to have a window fully opened, but you still need a bit of fresh air circulating. 

Tilt and turn windows are favored over standard windows for their user-friendly operating system and enhanced security features. As they range from traditional to modern styles, they are a great way to add a classic and updated touch to any home.

Customizable designs

Most European-style windows are offered in a variety of styles and frames and can be customized to suit your needs. Wood-framed windows can offer a warm, cozy feel, while aluminum or UPVC frames tend to look sleek and modern. 

Brands like Neufenster also offer color foils on most of their frames for those who prefer a design that truly stands apart from other windows. The foils have a warranty against fading and make an excellent accent or contrast color to give the outside design of your home a customized look.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows have long been popular with homeowners, as they are cost-effective and durable. A popular choice is to go with classic white frames. White frames are a staple of European design that can stand the test of time.

White frames give the windows a simplistic, elegant look. With proper care and maintenance, the white color will remain crisp and clean for the life of your window. 

UPVC-Aluminum Windows

UPVC-Aluminum windows feature an aluminum cladding that increases weather resistance and longevity. The added aluminum improves the insulation of the window, reducing the amount of energy lost from the home. This type of window looks modern and polished from the outside and classic from the inside.

Aluminum-Wood Windows

If you love the classic traditionalist look, then aluminum wood windows are the right choice for you. The wood interior can bring warmth to a living space, while the aluminum exterior protects against the cold outside.

Security Features

European tilt and turn windows have many enhanced safety features that can prevent break-ins and unwanted intruders. The simple fact that they open inward rather than outward makes them safer. It is incredibly difficult to break into an inward-opening window from the outside. 

Tilting the windows from the top can also ease concerns about intruders, as the opening will be too small for anyone to enter through, while still allowing airflow throughout the area.

Tilt and turn windows also feature multi-point locking systems, hardening them against potential break-ins. If desired, further safety features like alarm sensors can be integrated to help prevent break-ins, and child safety locks can also be built-in.

Energy Efficiency

European tilt and turn windows are generally triple glazed, which means they will last longer and can insulate homes better. They are ideal for cold and fluctuating climates, as they reduce heat loss and prevent moisture from entering. Triple glazing also makes the windows more durable, an essential factor for those subject to Canada’s continental climate.

While triple glazed windows retail for slightly more than double-paned windows, over time, triple glazed windows can lower the cost of things like heating and maintenance. They have also been known to offer more significant noise-reduction when compared to double-paned windows.

Use and Maintenance

Tilt and turn windows are easier to clean than standard windows, as they can open inwardly. Opening the windows inward allows them to be cleaned on both sides easily from within the house. As they are made-to-last, tilt and turn windows are low-maintenance and rarely require repairs.

Ultimately, the most significant benefit of European tilt and turn windows is their versatility. Having two options for opening a window gives the user better control over airflow and draughts and can ease concerns about security.


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