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Advice to live your life by

Advice to live your life by

Published by Programme B

Living your own life is important and making your own decision and feeling true to yourself is one of the most important things to remember. That means to be true to who you are – no matter what – and if you want to spend Sundays playing online slots and watching reality tv, you should do that. Everything done out of self-care and love for yourself cannot be a sin. 

In this article, you can read about life advice and how they can be important for you and help you guide your way through tough times. It is never too late to develop healthy habits and become more aware of yourself. 

Know yourself 

These are words of  Aristotles or Drake if you are younger. The biggest lesson to learn and might actually be the only lesson to learn is to be true to yourself and know yourself. Everyone is different no matter what some people might tell you. When everyone is different no answer is correct to the question of how and what you should perceive or more importantly how you should live your life.

When a person truly knows himself, the person can see things and do things that weren’t possible before. It sounds like a superpower which it isn’t but it should be. Knowing yourself and looking inwards can help you through situations that are tough. It can help you make decisions that normally were hard. Knowing how you react to certain things and how you need to behave when facing trouble or adversity is key to making healthy and sound decisions. 

Knowing yourself won’t stop you from facing trouble or having bad times but knowing how to deal with bad times helps you move forward no matter what. It sounds a lot like “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and what is kind of a cliche might be just what you need to hear to get through. Learning from hard times can make you stronger. 

Know that you can’t always get what you want

The song theme continues. The Rolling Stones sang this back in the ’70s and followed it up with the lyrics: “but if you try sometimes, you might find. You get what you need”. These are wise words from gentlemen who have been in the game of life for a long time. Knowing that life isn’t always gonna give you what you want is important. You can’t always get what you want. But trying to get it and working hard for it might actually give you the sense you got what you need. This also plays into the whole philosophy of seeing everything on your journey through life as memories and experiences that contribute to knowing yourself. 

Patience, persistence, and hard work 

Having patience and persistence is important when facing life’s adversities. Life isn’t fair and will never be. You have good times and you have bad times. But having the patience, persistence, and work mentality to work your way through the bad times can lead to your seeing the light earlier than others. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

Knowing this can make the journey seem shorter. 

Narrow it down 

Having goals is important for everyone. Goals are sometimes what defines us as humans and what keeps us moving. Goals can be what you use to identify yourself and differentiate yourself from others. Goals are great but it is important to also narrow it down. Having a life goal can sometimes seem like too much. Like you are never going to make it there. By breaking it down and narrowing the goal down into smaller goals, you can quickly get the sense that you are moving forward all the time. Having small successes every week can make a huge difference in how you are perceiving your journey to achieving your dream. 

Furthermore, whenever a subgoal is achieved you feel happy. You know that you are closer. This helps in your everyday state of mind, which can lead to a more stable and happy everyday life. 

Memories and experiences are what you are going to look back on 

Have you ever listened to an old person who rambled on about his or her life with great passion and looking back on old memories with joy in their eyes? Memories and experiences are what you look back on when you are old and tired. Memories from a time where you were happier and lived your best life can be thrilling and remembering the smallest mistakes and fun times with friends is the only true currency in this world. So make memories and make them good and lasting. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account, it’s about how good and how many memories and experiences you have.