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Online Casino Withdrawals For New Players

Online Casino Withdrawals For New Players

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The online gaming world is expanding every day. This means that finding the best online casino with instant withdrawal for players can be tricky, but not impossible. However, many new players have little, or no knowledge at all when it comes to online casino withdrawals. This can, later on, create serious problems when they want to enjoy their winnings. So, make sure you know the answers to the following questions when choosing your next online casino.

Do you understand how the bonus money works?

Many websites, like Jackpotcity online casino, offer amazing welcome packages, that can include things like free spins and bonus money. Usually, these promotions are offered to new users, who might think that they can withdraw bonus money and spend it elsewhere. However, this is a rookie mistake.

Bonus money that is being offered by an online casino, can only be used for the purposes of playing games on that same website. Also, there are usually some conditions that have to be met by the player in order to be able to access that bonus money. Such conditions include, but aren’t limited to, minimum deposit or a wagering requirement. 

What are the wagering requirements?

Before using the bonus money, and winning a certain amount, you should verify if that bonus has a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement represents the number of times that you have to play with the exact amount of the bonus in order to be able to withdraw your money. If you are a new player, and you are not sure if there is a wagering requirement or not, then you should check the terms and conditions of the website in question.

To put it simply, if an online casino offers a $30 bonus with a 5x wagering requirement, it means that if you used that bonus, you can’t withdraw any winnings before spending a minimum of $150 on particular games.

Is your country on the restricted list?

Even though playing games at online casinos can seem easy and doable it is not always the case. Every country is governed by different laws and regulations, and in some countries, this can create a problem when you want to withdraw your winnings to your account

The rules differ from country to country. The optimal solution would be to check the online casino’s terms and conditions and check if your country is on the restricted list. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of depositing real money, and not being able to withdraw it. 

Are there any withdrawal limits?

Different online casinos offer different withdrawal methods. The most popular being:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

However, with every online casino, there are different withdrawal limits. This means that you have to meet certain conditions before opting for a withdrawal method. Some of these limitations can include time limits and amount limits. Time limits include the number of times that you are allowed to make a withdrawal. This can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Amount limits include the minimum or the maximum amount of money that you are allowed to withdraw in one go. 

Summing it up

Even though it comes last, the process of withdrawal is an important part of every online gaming venue. Only by following these simple rules, and verifying everything in advance, can you really relax and enjoy all the possibilities of your favorite online casino. 


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