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Tips For Doing Well In Online Interviews

Tips For Doing Well In Online Interviews

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The e-mail you’ve been waiting for has finally made its way into your inbox! You made it, after hours of perfecting your application, you’ve got an online interview. You’ve worked really hard to ace that job application, so now it’s time to prepare for that important interview and land yourself the dream role. But, don’t forget to take a break amidst all your hard work. Online slots can be a great way to escape, and you can try them out for free with a bonus – find out more at

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Just because you don’t physically have to go to the office, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time doing your research on the company. A lot of people think online interviews are great because you can put sticky notes on your computer screen to help you remember good points, but don’t think that the interviewee is not going to notice! It’s going to seem pretty obvious if your eyes are diverging away from the camera to read your notes. You should treat an online interview exactly as you would a normal face-to-face interview. 

Check That Your Camera And Microphone Are Working Before Your Interview

There’s really no excuse for being late when you’re sitting at home already, so make sure that you’re by your computer on time. Luckily, you can do a test call on Skype and Zoom to make sure everything is in working order. If you’re unfamiliar with the technology, doing a practice call may help you get the grips of a video call. You can even ask a friend or family member to call you so you can practice your interview with them. 

Find A Quiet Spot With A Plain Background If Possible

There are a lot of distractions at home so this tip will probably be the most difficult to master, especially if you’ve got children. If you’re worried that something may disturb you during your interview, then you may feel anxious throughout the whole interview. If it’s possible, try and find a quiet room away from any noise and distraction as this will also help to calm your nerves. It would also look far more professional if you’re able to have a plain wall as your background, so this is a great opportunity to tidy up as well! 

Dress Smart From Head To Toe 

We’ve all seen the jokes of men wearing their boxers for a video call because the person on the other end of the call can’t see past their shirt and tie. While it is rare, some interviewers may ask you to stand up to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Besides, you’ll feel more prepared if you’re dressed up in a smart manner during your online interview.  

Don’t Forget To Turn Off Your Notifications 

We would always turn our phones off for an in-person interview so make sure to do the same when you’re at home. And, it’s not just your phone you have to worry about when attending an online interview because you’re likely to have many other devices at home. However, don’t forget to turn off your notifications on your computer because you won’t be able to keep your sound off during the interview. If you’re on a MacBook, you can still get messages to ping through, which is why it’s so important to turn off all your notifications completely to avoid this from happening. 


You’ve got this interview for a reason and now’s the time to show them that you’re the person they need for the role. So, sit down, smile, and relax because you’ve got this! 

Photo by Francesca Zama from Pexels