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Will streaming eventually make cable obsolete?

Will streaming eventually make cable obsolete?

Published by Programme B

It will not be wrong to say that even though cable companies have their place in the industry with satisfied subscribers but trends have been changing over the past few years. The cord-cutting movement has been gaining impetus. This means that customers are turning their heads more towards the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Still, we do see packages like Spectrum Silver package being extremely popular among the audiences for its extensive channel line up and affordable pricing. Still half of the US population is enjoying traditional cable these days but the hiking cable bills, in general, have caused more users deserting the cable services. Here is a look at the factors that are involved when it comes to why streaming services ultimately seem to make the cable obsolete in near future.

Consumers Got Better Means

The cable industry does seem to be pushing hard when it comes to rolling out better cable TV packages and bundle offers. If you take a look at the Infinity DIsh statistics, for example, you will see just how many people watch TV using a cable plan. What the customers do care about are cheaper rates and better services. With so many streaming services available, plus extras like the best streaming vpn out there to help them stay safe while streaming, and unlock all sorts of content, customers now have greater options to choose from. They want to invest their money in gaining accessibility to a wider range of options at more affordable pricing.

Popularity And Attention

The streaming services seem to be gaining more popularity and attention. It is because of access to massive online libraries and standalone shows that are hit. The outstanding standalone shows that took the world by storm including Game of Thrones and other originals were a big catch for the subscribers. So the variety and quality of content these streaming services provide at lower-priced plans have led more and more subscribers to quit the more expensive cable TV and opt for their favorite streaming service. 


Whether you are on the road, at a restaurant, in the middle of your lunch break at the office-you can watch your favorite show all the time. All you need is your streaming device and a reliable internet connection. So place and time are no longer any constraints. You can enjoy your favorite shows whenever you want. On the contrary, you are bound to your TV screen and have to wait for your favorite show to be aired on a specific day and time. This usually gets busy in our hectic routines. 

Cost Saving

One of the main advantages of using streaming services is the cheaper rates as compared to the pesky cable TV bills. With streaming services, customers find it convenient to avail of low price packages that are easy on your wallet and have much to offer to you. You get multiple options to avail from. Moreover, another benefit that you get to enjoy is the fact that you do not have to worry about signing any contracts or following any terms and conditions. You can even enjoy a free trial package if you want. So even if you feel you want to quit the streaming service, you can simply do that anytime without paying any early termination fee. On the other hand, cord-cutting usually involves some early termination fees if you decide to quit your cable TV services without prior notice. 

Flexible Approach

Another perk of subscribing to any of the streaming services is the fact that you can download any content you want from anywhere. So you are not left with only the local channel choices or content as is the case with cable TV. Online streaming allows you to access all sorts of content be it movies, reality shows, TV shows, and many more. You can also enjoy the content on-demand. So you never have to wait for new episodes since you can enjoy as many episodes as you want and watch them on the go. Enjoy your favorite channels while you are traveling or anywhere outside. This is not true for cable packages. 

Access to Original and More Creative Content

Nowadays streaming services are releasing their original content that has caught instant attention from the masses. This is because of the strong storyline and outstanding acting skills and some of the most popular actors are loved by all. The ones released by Netflix for instance have a massive fan following. Therefore they keep the users hooked to their favorite streaming service and get rid of their cable TV subscriptions. 

Wrapping Up,

The aforementioned reasons explain why there has been a tremendous increase in the subscribers of streaming services with more and more users deserting the cable TV services.

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Photo by Clinton Weaver from Pexels