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The Most Expensive Video Games Developed in the Last 3 Years

The Most Expensive Video Games Developed in the Last 3 Years

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The term ‘game’, has always been associated with the thrill, and what better way to thrill than do it within utmost comfort? That’s right, we are talking about video games here. Dating back from the 1960s, it has been a hit amongst all ages. Kids or adults, video games have remained an all-time favorite distraction of many. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of introducing video games to the world is the option of playing within our comfort zone. Especially with the availability of video gaming through portable devices i.e. Play Station and Xbox. With this, gone are the days of heading over to arcades for gaming, when you can simply relax on your couch, hold a console, and enjoy your favorite racing games

Best Games From The last 3 years

While every gamer has different preferences in the gaming genres, there have been quite a lot of games that won hearts globally, irrespective of the genre. However, games that become too old, sadly stop being compatible with newer devices. This is why we have collected the best ones from the last three years. 

Another intriguing fact involved with every release of the game is how much of a budget went into developing this winner in the market. With growing competition, every game developer aims to reach peaks, hence, putting in more money. Why the huge amount, we wonder. Well, we are aware game development is not just a piece of cake. It takes a team of 100s of people, ranging from graphics designers to coders, to thinkers and testers that eventually come up with an appealing, satisfactory result. 

 Ultimately, the games with the best graphics and user experience are the ones that sold the most. With that, let us go through not only the best ones but also the most expensive games from the last three years.

The Most Expensive Developed Video Games 



  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Who does not get hyped with the mention of Resident Evil. As if the movies had not gained enough of a fan base, we were later also gifted with the game version. The high-end and realistic graphics spoke enough about how much money was put into the development. Ever since, it has been on the rise in PC, play station, as well as Xbox, earning a vast amount with its success. 
  • Destiny – With a shocking budget of whopping $140 million, this one game had everyone running after to buy their copy. For all the video gaming fanatics that prefer riding around creepy landscapes and shooting, this was the fantasy come true. 
  • Halo Wars 2 – For those who enjoy playing series games, here is one that sold giant copies with the first version, thus leading to part two. Revolving around real-time strategies, this part also brought in advanced graphics options as compared to the standard ones from the first part. 


  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Once again, a game complimenting one of the highest selling movies. In the cinemas, Angelina Jolie won our love, from all over the world. Whereas, in the games, it was the hard work that went behind creating such a masterpiece. With a budget of around $135 million, this release stood superior to all its previous versions. Various magazines even went on to state that the team spent three times more amount in the making than they did on the marketing.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – With the release of this game, there also came the news that made us all gasp. It was in development for eight years! Which of course, makes it understandable how big of investment went into doing wonders in the development sector. An estimated budget of $100 million went into the process, marking this as the most expensive video game ever-made back then. 


  • Mortal Kombat 11 – A decade ago, we played mortal kombat on our PCs, with the limited options of choosing between just six players. Even so, given how it’s success charts began rising, the developers developed more interest in enhancing the overall experience. Consequently, the years that followed brought along new releases, with newer characters and more fatal moves. The last development in the series, part 11, has rumors surrounding it how it was in the making for over 30 years! Without a doubt, it must have also required a whooping amount to cover up all the ideas and bring them to life.
  • Although there were other major releases in 2019, as per expensive development, Mortal Kombat prevailed overall. 

The Current Situation

As of 2020, we witnessed yet another powerful game with a high budget, Cyberpunk 2077, costing around $121 million. The release of PS5 along with this stands as the cherry on top, making gamers around the globe go crazy with excitement. 

Genshin Impact is yet another famous release of the current year, rising on the list with a budget of an estimated $100 million development cost. 

Casino Games and Development Cost

In the world of casino, the year 2020 ranks as the most tragic one. It not only caused casinos everywhere to close down but also resulted in great amounts of loss throughout. For countries whose major part of the overall economy depended on casino earnings, this was a major blow. However, with technology coming to the rescue in every sector, similar was the case with the casinos. Thus, came the blessing of online casino games. 

While this was already introduced way back, it is only now that the trend of gambling online has gone widely popular. With people quarantined within their homes, they are happy to be able to compete with International players while on their couch, using their phones or other similar devices. This success leads to the development of several free versions as well, that provide online slots, such as the Wild Life slot, etc. 

Seeing this increasing audience interest and fan base, game developers have been working on providing an advanced, innovative experience. With that, we have news of Evolution Gaming working on the most expensive casino game ever. Though the in-depth details are yet to be revealed, what we know so far, is that it intends to completely change the online casino experience. According to the company’s chief product officer, the money invested will prove it’s worth as the game turns out to be the most fun version ever produced. Knowing this little, yet catchy description, we can only express how excitedly we anticipate the final release. Fingers crossed!