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Throughout the years and how it will be in the next; The Casino

Throughout the years and how it will be in the next; The Casino

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How it all started..

The first-ever official Casino, known as “il Casinò di Venezia, was opened in the 17th century, way back in 1638 to be exact. Some 390 years later and there are now around 5,000 casinos scattered in every country around the whole world, and that excludes the ones that are based online. Just let that sink in for a moment. It’s also a known fact that 51% of the world’s population gambles in some way or form. 

Throughout the years, casinos have been constantly changing, whether it’s to adhere to newfound laws & regulations, adapting to all new technologies, adding new games and opportunities, or even simply to make the player’s experience more enjoyable. Casinos have been gradually moving forward from generation to generation, as has everything else in the world, thanks to the rapid advancement in nowadays’ technology.

Undoubtedly, the most drastic advancement the world of the casino has ever made, happened back in the 1990s, when the first web-based casinos were launched online. At first, land-based casinos were widely preferred, as the brand new unforeseen online casinos felt “sketchy”, and made players feel unsafe, due to sloppy games with very low-quality graphics and sound effects, also due to the fact that it was completely unheard of to spend your money on something you’ve never seen before on the internet. 

The casino nowadays.

Over the course of around 25 to 30 years, this changed dramatically, and now, online casinos are more reliable, more immersive, and more profitable than ever. Thanks to the improvements in gaming technology, gamblers can now enjoy safe and satisfying betting, where they can play casino games that are as high-quality as all the other top of the range video games out there. Nowadays, one can even play online casino games with a live dealer, where the casino’s tasks such as dealing cards or spinning the ball in roulette are performed by a real person handling real casino tools while streaming live in real-time for the players to bet on and interact with virtually.

What will we be seeing in the future of the casino?

VR technology – The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the newest and most awesome innovations in the world of gaming, in general, is virtual reality, or VR. All the major gaming platforms are dipping their toes in this new, next-level means of play, and the iGaming sector is not at all hesitant about it either. 

Undoubtedly, VR gaming is still in its early stages and it is also still under development. This means that there are still a number of major issues that need to be overcome before we start to see the VR casino experience flood the web. Another setback is the hefty price tag that comes with a decent quality VR headset.

Regardless of all the issues, one might think of when imagining a VR powered online casino, one bold producer had already placed the first-ever VR casino online back in 2015. No other VR casino has been launched since, and we are highly unlikely to see another one appear within the depths of the web within the next few years, however, we sure are looking forward to seeing what such an innovative way to gamble online will have to offer. 

Once this becomes common, the experience at an online casino will be more realistic and immersive than anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Blockchain technology – Ever heard of a distributed ledger technology, or DLT? Blockchain is a DLT that utilizes thousands of servers to globally store data amongst them. This is done to let anyone who is using the network, to see what everyone else is doing on it in real-time. This makes it near impossible for a user to gain control of or try to “scam” the network. Once implemented to an online casino, blockchain will help the casino achieve ultimate transparency, where you can see what other players are winning and losing in real-time, taking away the ability for the casino to have an “edge” over the player, making it safer and fairer than ever to play. 

This also has the potential to completely eradicate the risk of manipulation and scams. Plus, it’s satisfying to be able to supervise all the transactions that are taking place at a casino while you’re playing in it. It gives you a great sense of security, and once web-based gambling is completely transparent and honest, gamblers will finally have a completely fair chance of winning.

For sure we will be seeing more and more innovations come out in the world of the casino online. We surely are looking forward to exploring what the tech experts have up their sleeves for us to see in the coming years when it comes to iGaming, as it is a truly fun experience, which is cherished by billions of people around the world. Don’t forget to always gamble responsibly!