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Dress Guide for Different Women Body Shapes

Dress Guide for Different Women Body Shapes

Published by Programme B

The first step in looking good as a lady is identifying your body shape then picking your dresses to match it. Style, after all, is not about buying the trendiest outfits, but rather about highlighting the most flattering points of your body so that they can elevate your overall appearance. There are four main body types for ladies, including athletic, round, pear, and hourglass. To help you in the quest for a perfect dress for these shapes, here is a guide for you.


With this shape, you are curvy with your bust proportionate to your hips, the dream shape for most ladies. Most people confuse the hourglass shape for plus size, so here is an article to help you clear any confusion you might have. The most important asset in the hourglass shape is a well-defined waist. The best options to highlight your waist are open necklines, skinny jeans, shorts, mermaid skirts, form-fitting tops, clinched-in waistlines, and V-necklines.

Dark belts paired with light-colored tops are also good options for accentuating your waist. Steer clear of shapeless dresses, oversized dresses, baby doll dresses, and empire waist styles because they will not flatter your hourglass shape. You should also avoid heavy fabrics because they will make you look too heavy.


With the pear shape, you have a thin upper body paired with larger thighs and hips. This explains why the shape is also called a triangle. With this body shape, you want to look more proportionate and balanced. As such, pick dresses that will add some volume to the upper half of your body.

The ideal dresses for you are V-necklines, full or A-line skirts, strapless tops, and fitted open necks. Dresses with some detailing around their busts will also help you generate a balancing effect though they should ideally have fitted waists. With the pear shape, steer clear of curve-hugging fabrics, super-short hemlines, and full poofy styles because these only add more volume to your already full bottom half.


With the athletic shape, your body is slightly narrower around the hips compared to the shoulders. This makes your waist look less-defined than the shoulders. Your aim with this shape is to even out your upper body so that it matches your narrower lower body to get something of an hourglass shape. Dresses with clinched midsections will help you get a more feminine shape.

Dresses with ruffles, embellishments, and other volume-enhancing details will also fill your hips while balancing your upper body. People assume that volume-enhancing details look drab, but top brands like Chanel, Burberry, Canada Goose, Versace, and Dior now have embellishments that look stunning. If you have a bigger bust, settle for halter tops, U-necklines, V-necklines, and thick straps to bring out your curves.


This is also called the apple shape and features slim legs, undefined waists, and somewhat flat bottoms. Most of the weight in the apple shape falls around your midsection, so you want to draw attention to your upper body. For this, settle for drop-waist, A-line, wrap, swing, embellished, and belt-style dresses that conceal your midsection.

Your major asset with the round shape is your legs so flaunt them in short dresses, skinny jeans, mid-rise pants, and chic pencil skirts. Avoid fitted tops, horizontal lines, and natural waistlines because these draw attention to your midsection.

Now that you know how best to dress for your body type, you can pick flattering dresses for your wardrobe. However, with most shopping currently happening online, ensure you have the right body measurements beforehand. This will help you choose the right dresses so you do not get disappointed with your online purchases.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels